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i'm in love...

Friday, February 6

i'm in love with these...yes...this is how i spent most of my day...creating these fabulous little hearts for each member of our family - except for ella. (these actually have a purpose and she's too little to participate yet - i should go ahead and make her one anyway...i'm all out of time today though).

anyway - i made these for our upcoming family night. we will be spending next week doing little acts of service for one another and we are to leave our little heart behind so the person knows who did the kind deed. i was going to make it more of an anonymous thing, however, i want to emphasize being "appreciative" as each of us finds a heart left behind by someone who did something nice for us, we have to find the person and return their heart...along with a " heartfelt thank you". pretty cute, heh? enjoy!!

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