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weekend recap

Tuesday, February 17

Friday night, Ema had a "daddy/daughter" night with her dad and although I'm still working on the pictures because the lighting was horrible, here's at least one just to show how much she's growing up. (she'll be 10 in March).

Anyway, she enjoyed a fabulous Italian dinner with her dad in Mt. Dora @ Cafe Atture and then they walked over to a little ice cream shop for some dessert. Em was decked out in some jeans with fashionable sandals, an ivory long sleeve shirt with a brown polka dot tank over the top - along with a diva-style ivory cardigan-type sweater,(compliments of Grandma K), since it was a bit chilly. We flat ironed her hair, put in hot curlers, (which obviously didn't hold too well) and then I added a bit of whimsy with a rhinestone hairclip. She looked beautiful and felt incredibly overdressed....Em is not a "girly girl" by any stretch of the imagination. She had a wonderful time with her dad, whom she adores with all of her heart & soul. love her!!

Saturday, Valentine's Day, was rather uneventful. I wouldn't say meeting with our accountant to get our taxes ready for filing was the least bit romantic. J, Ella and I stopped @ Mimi's cafe on the way home for an early 5p.m. dinner with the rest of the early birds. We also made a spontaneous stop off at Crane's Roost to walk 2 laps around the lake w/J's friend Matt. Couldn't wait to get home and fall asleep.

The weekend was quite ordinary but productive with grocery shopping and a stop at Babies R Us for wipes and diapers. Yippy! Here's to a terrific Tuesday!

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