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beautiful surprise

Wednesday, February 4 i'm having a pretty average day yesterday. you know the kind...wake up, jump roping and situps with ema, getting kids off to school, feeding the baby, the heart project, feeding the baby, the art project, feeding the baby, a little bit of eating sprinkled in between, feeding the baby, a couple of phone calls, feeding the baby and then BAM!!! the door bell rings. the ups man has just delivered a very unexpected package from - the packaging alone was inspiring...greens and browns and attention to detail throughout.

i open them up to reveal a beautiful bouquet of gerbera daisies in my favorite from my in-laws!. a short lovely note attached reading, " dear jason and jessica...hope these flowers brighten your day. we look forward to seeing you soon." ("soon" defined as flying in yesterday evening for a one week stay here in florida). how sweet. how inspiring because of course, i had to get my camera out and take some pics of them. what an unexpected beautiful surprise. i love packages. i love flowers. (thanks wayne and deb...) enjoy!!

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