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no "prickly little whispers" for me...

Friday, February 27

i stumbled across this the other day and totally LOVE it...

A girlfriend once told me, “Look at everything in your closet. If it's not an OH HECK YEAH, then it's an OH HECK NO, Sister!” I like to live my life like that. Life is short. Too short for surrounding yourself with so-so stuff that gets under your skin with a prickly little whisper, “Why did I settle for that thing?” Yep, you deserve to surround yourself with things that Go with colors that make you happy. Go with style you can call your own. Go boldly in your quest to live your dreams AND be brave enough to tell people right up front who you are. source

i that "prickly little whisper" go celebrate "you"'s to a "bold" and "brave" day for all of us!

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