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she's 3 months old...already?

Friday, February 20

i promised a "bullet list" of milestones/baby achievements from our super star...miss ella scarlet. she turned 3 months old on valentine's day...
  • rolling over from stomach to back since 6 weeks old. (what!!??)

  • blowing raspberries - sometimes so much so she's got a bubble beard & moustache

  • she's talking outloud now and occassionally scares herself with how loud she squeals

  • she's happiest in the a.m. - smiling from ear to ear and just ready to face the day

  • naps about 20 minutes at a time. sleeps maybe...a total of 2 hours during the day?? huh?

  • in lieu of the naps, she goes to bed around 9:30p.m. and awakes between 7:30-8a.m. (what?!)

  • pulls blanket near her face to cover eyes when trying to fall asleep

  • absolutely LOVES her baths..which we take full advantage of for necessary distractions.

  • loves when we sing to her - i believe she's definitely partial to music (yes!)

  • sits quietly through her first baby einstein video and cries on cue when it's over

  • she's teeny tiny still - probably up to 12 pounds now

  • everyone stops us to comment on how beautiful, cute or petite she is. (i've even been asked if she's a real baby or a doll)??? hello??

  • she's got looooongggg eyelashes...

  • still not certain on eyecolor - perhaps a "hazel"??

and so here's the little munchkin...another one from her 3 month photoshoot the other day...

and how about one more....

have a fabulous friday everyone!

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