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my version..."in the "HOUSE"...of Three

Wednesday, February 25

so here's MY rendition of the freebies from house of three. changed up the colors, added some edging from the digital warehouse at Hof3 plus my own text...and voila! now...i'm working on the background - i can't get it to post quite right. i need to go back & read over the instructions again...but here's what it's supposed to look like:
must tell you i've been having so much fun playing around with all of the cool design elements. i learn something new every time i "practice". this is such my passion!!
i was able to eat a little bit of "real" dinner lastnight - instead of gingerale and saltine crackers for the past 2 days. still not quite right. thinking i might have had bad food from chili's on saturday night? that's my guess anyway.
gotta get going...gotta finish up one of the secret projects i mentioned - it's GOT to be done today. can't wait to share it! have a wonderful wednesday!!

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