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busy, beautiful day ahead...

Friday, February 13

I have 45 min. to get ready for the day before Ella wakes up for another feeding. I've got some errands to run and I've got to be up at Ema's school @ 2p.m. and then Clara's school @ 3:15p.m. A beautiful busy day ahead.

Got my hair done last always takes a couple of days for me to "relax" into it. I always go in wanting something different and then come out with the exact same thing. There was an older woman stylist in there last p.m. - thin, ripped jeans, cool shirt, blonde short-stacked bob with a flash of pink in the front for some was waaayyy cute. I couldn't do it - I thought about it - for about 3 seconds...okay, maybe 5. Even Robie, my stylist of the last 15 years raised his eyebrows at me with concern...

Anyway - some quick photos of Ella from this a.m. (played around with ps a little bit). I'll do an update of milestones in the next day or so - bullet format. For now I'll just tell you she's starting to suck her bottom lip...hence the drool in some of the pics. Enjoy - have a FANTASTIC Friday!

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