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i'm officially out....

Thursday, February 12

out of vegenaise...dang it! this stuff is sooo delicious. if you've never tried it you should. it's awesome! even j likes it. (there are other versions of vegenaise out there that are down right don't be fooled). THIS is the yummiest. i was surprised it's not mentioned in the "eat clean" book...listen to these ingredients:

grapeseed oil, filtered water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, soy protein, sea salt, mustard flour and lemon juice concentrate. (hey! there's nothing in there you can't pronounce...awesome!) unfortunately, it's rather expensive, so that's why i'm so sad it's gone.
so there you go...a quick peek into my little world of simple things i love. to clean the kitchen before my mom comes over to watch the baby while i go and get my hair cut! yea!! (i'm patting myself on the back today because i've been able to get a couple of things done. like preparing dinner so that my mom & jay don't have to worry about it since i won't be home until 7-ish. all they have to do is throw the brown rice pasta in boiling water to cook and serve themselves up a delicious helping of "eat clean" spaghetti sauce along with a serving of a colorful spinach salad - delish. don't worry...i took care of ella too. i was up @ 4a.m. to pump so she won't be without dinner @ 5p.m. either....hoping 3 bottles will suffice??) happy thursday to all!

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