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paperclay (after)

Tuesday, February 3

so here's the follow-up project for the paperclay i posted a few days ago. we sat down as a family last night and discussed "one-word" descriptions/definitions of love. we each had to come up with atleast 3. then everyone got a wad of the paperclay & we all had to make 3 hearts each. we let them dry overnite & today i painted, glittered & ribboned the hearts j & i made. (yes..j even took part in getting creative with the clay. of course his competitiveness kicked in...the next thing i knew he was adding texture/design to his - which i was rather impressed with..) i was so enjoying getting out the paints this a.m. - i was so tempted to finish the girls' but i knew they would've been upset w/me. we will be hanging them on an iron tree i have - voila...a sentimental part of our valentine's holiday...something we can use every year too! when the girls have finished theirs, i'll be sure to post pics. i think they're oh so cute and were a simple, fun thing to make.

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