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Tuesday, October 6

it's the little things in life that mean so much. don't you think?

i've been saving this since last week - just to share with you.
i haven't ever tried 99% dark chocolate. (honestly, i've never even seen the % available in stores). have you?
(j brought it home for me - knowing my love of chocolate and how i'm always justifying how "dark" chocolate is actually "heart-healthy". he included a sweet card too - but that's TOO sweet to share - *wink*).

let's unwrap the pretty packaging and try it together...

wow...fancy gold foil...makes me feel like i'm about to eat something very special...
see my reflection as i'm trying to take the picture.

hmmm...what's this? "tasting advice"....very unusual??

it says to progressively develop your palate. it suggests starting with 70%, then 85% & finally 99%??? okay? whatever. just get me to the chocolate.

foil peeled back: is it supposed to look like that? (two-toned)? interesting.

well...let's break off a piece...shall we?
oops...not a perfect break. oh well

i've placed it in my mouth...and i'm letting it suggested in the "tasting advice".
hmmmm...??? let's take a picture of the remaining chocolate while this piece melts in my mouth.'s still in my mouth - stuck to the roof, actually. i'm trying to allow the "bouquet of cocoa aromas" to overwhelm me. and IS getting to be a little bit too overwhelming. this is almost uncomfortable. when's the sweet part of the bitter going to kick in? now i'm forcing my tongue to hold it in place - keeping it stuck to the roof of my mouth. i don't WANT it to melt anymore. stop the melting! (said with a bit of panic)!

okay. that's it. two minutes of trying to "adjust"...i hate to do it...

i'm walking, (well...okay...a slight run), to the kitchen sink. it's no longer in my mouth. (didn't take a picture of that).

oh my...i guess i need to develop my palate - as suggested. i'm a little disappointed. not in myself. not even in the chocolate. just in my "underdeveloped" palate.

oh well. the card was definitely MUCH sweeter. *wink*

have a terrific tuesday. and avoid the 99% unless your palate is much more developed than mine. *smile*


Angela said...

jess - your post is hilarious. i literally just went grocery shopping and picked up a 78% real cocao bar for my coworker tina. she loves dark chocolate. i was afraid to go up any higher and now it's confirmed - ha. i've never seen the 990% (probably not a best seller).i'm going to surprise her with it after our 7 day diet. ugh. it's not been all. why i ask am i doing this. ha

Kim Strother said...

Your post is great....and I have to say, "just give me the milk chocolate please!" I have heard the 99% or 78% or whatever, is bitter. I can eat coffee grinds for that! I want my chocolate sweet and creamy!!

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