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a beautiful tuesday...

Tuesday, October 13

hello world. it's a beautiful tuesday morning. and here are some beautiful things i have found that i'd like to share with you:

first of all, it's all bakerella's fault. (if she hadn't posted these beautiful cupcake stands yesterday, i wouldn't have been led to the other beautiful things i found from victorian trading co.)... thanks bakerella...*wink* go see her post with her snickerdoodle cookie cupcakes beautifully displayed on these stands...

(i'll take the window in the background, the piece of furniture AND the cupcake stands...please)

i was then led to these retro/vintage-gorgeous-pieces-of-refrigeration-goodness...
i would be soooo happy to wake up everyday and pour myself a cold glass of rice milk from one of these gems! are these NOT spectacular? (thank you victorian trading co.). for a measly 5k, one of these could be yours...*wink*

next on the list...(also from victorian trading co.)

something about this cookbook holder just screams, "this belongs to jessica!"
there's that darn blue color again...perfect for those dream kitchens i shared with you...

and skipping right over to martha's site...a random picture that just made me happy...

i LOVE the color of that car and i LOVE that car
and then throw the pompoms on there and it's soooo perfect!
and the "just married" font used on the sign ties in the entire "vintage feel" - it's delicious to the eyes...

and then i have a crappy picture to share with you...being that it's from my phone...

the quality just does NOT do justice to the beautiful things pictured here.
these are the elements that are finally coming together for little ella pie's party!
see that gorgeous fabric i picked up over the was a steal!
thanks mom...for making me make a decision - i love the fabric even more each time i look at it! it was the right choice. *wink*

and so, there you have it. some beautiful things on this beautiful tuesday.
and if things don't seem so beautiful in your little corner of the world...find a way to make it beautiful. hugs to you all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm totally in love with those little cupcake stands!

So much vintage goodness in this post.
Love your blog!


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