Friday, October 23

little ella pie...


some of my favorite pics from the other day - i caught ella staring at herself in the mirror...with her duck. (and no i didn't interrupt her in order to fix the gigantic bow stuck to the middle of her forehead...) *laughing*
FINALLY got all of the birthday invites mailed off. i'll be posting a "how-to" next week so you can get a peek into the entire process. it was fun...glad they are officially in the mail and on their way.

it's friday...have a beautiful weekend in your part of the world...
i'll be enjoying the annual mt. dora craft fair! (i can smell the fresh popped kettle corn already). heaven...


Angela Gerber October 25, 2009 at 12:44 AM  

enjoy mt dora and eat some kettle corn for me - yum!

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