Tuesday, February 24

freebie in the "House"... of Three

soooo....my friend heidi has started on another adventure with rhonna farrer and janet hopkins - they call themselves "House of 3" - i'm sure you've noticed the blinkie i've had on my site. it's been so fun to watch heidi over the years do what she absolutely is passionate about. anyway - if you haven't gone over to check out the site, you should. and this freebie was just posted on rhonna's site...if you blog you won't want to miss it. if you scrapbook - whether it be hybrid or digital - they've got lots of fun things to choose from! take a look @ the snapshots from rhonna's blog , heidi's & janet's too. see how they've incorporated the freebie into their own sites & made it their own. click here for the free goods (and by the way...i'm playing w/the download right now)!


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