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SUGAR | Potted Cupcake Parfaits

Monday, September 9

How about starting off the week with some fun news!

I'm a blog contributor for Best Friends for Frosting and I've been anxiously awaiting the fun post that went live on the BFFF site late Friday.

One of my favorite aspects of that styled shoot was the "Parfait Potting Station" I put together.
If you loved it too and were wondering about the specifics for assembling the edible plant parfaits,
all of the details are now posted over on the BFFF site.

Here's what you need to make them
and here's where to go to find out all about the how-to!!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial over on BFFF
and while you are there be sure to check out some of the other posts featuring everything from fashion, business, hairstyles, home decor and of course...desserts!

Here's one of my favorite recent posts...

I hope you are sharing in my excitement to be part of the BFFF team.

I have some other fun things to share with you this week...
- tidbits from a special table I'm styling.
- BIG News for The Pastry Pedestal Platforms!!
- some new branding I've got coming to the PNPF site

You can get sneak peeks from my Instagram Feed as well as some inspirational "She Said" quotes I've been sharing over there too!

Wishing you all a great week ahead!!

I joined a couple of Instagram friends on another round of Whole30.
I have re-started the program several times now since making it through my first attempt for an entire 76 days! I really rawked it that first time.

For whatever reason...I just keep falling short on the follow up attempts I keep making.
My last try I made it through 15 days and caved... into a cupcake! (and pizza and m&m's and...) *wink*
I just needed the extra push from the girls on IG and I'm happy to report
this is Day 3 for me and I'm feeling committed and strong and excited to crush this next challenge
for eating healthy and clean for the next 30 days. (27 and counting) *wink*

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