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BEHIND THE SCENES | Fall Family Picnic and Fun Fall Craft

Wednesday, September 25

I wish I could give you all a peek into my brain sometimes although that would actually be pretty scary considering how scattered my brain is a lot of the time.

Come to think of it...if I just took a photo of my messy office that would be like getting a glimpse into my brain because the two look a lot alike. (organized chaos). *wink*

I have some fun things coming which means I'm doing prep work behind the scenes to make sure the "fun" actually happens.

Neighborhood Fall Family Picnic

I somehow got put in charge of organizing this for our neighborhood.
All along I have been thinking I'm keeping things pretty simple...
BUT NOW with only one weekend away...all of a sudden things are becoming frightfully overwhelming. Eeeps!!

I'm re-creating the Rustic Popcorn Bar for the Family Picnic and I'm SO HAPPY to say I'm stocked up on things I need to make that happen thanks to this box that arrived last week...  

Details of this fun craft coming tomorrow...

  A little something I created for a special project at the end of the week.
More details to come - and if you let me know which one art print you prefer...
 I just MIGHT be offering it up as a free printable/download. *wink*

And since we are on the topic of "Rainbows" with the Art Print I just shared...

I'm also working on Ella's 5th birthday party coming up in November.
(FREAKING out that she is turning 5!! Nooooo!!!) *sniffle*

I let her pick the theme about a month and 1/2 ago and guess what she's chosen?
A "Rainbow Unicorn" party!!
(Not surprising since she's obsessed with Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle  
from My Little Pony and she's constantly drawing and painting rainbows everywhere). 

I'm actually excited about it and can't wait to dive into the party preps.
Thank goodness I had already started working on the invitation last month - 
otherwise I'd be FREAKING out right now with all of the other fun stuff I've got going on!

I'll be back soon...
just wanted to give you a quick update on what's going on around here! *wink*

Talk about coincidence...
The folks at Kernel Seasons reached out me to tell me they still receive tons of customers from the Rustic Popcorn Bar I did featuring their products. They wanted to thank me and asked if they could send a box of new flavors and seasons. I absolutely accepted since I was already planning the Family Picnic! Awesome timing!! Thanks Kernel Seasons!! You Rock!!

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