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ANNOUNCING | The Pastry Pedestal Platform - PRE-SALE Launch

Friday, September 13

It's time to celebrate a day I thought might never happen…
and yet here we are!!!

I'm am so thrilled to announce pre-sales for The Pastry Pedestal Platforms!!
The PP Platform is a clear, lucite stand for displaying The Pastry Pedestal in an upright manner. 
This versatile platform is a fun way to showcase your petite pastries on dessert tables, at parties and
for creatively displaying bite-sized food items for all of the entertaining you are doing!

The look of the clear platforms can be altered in a number of ways...

Use DECORATIVE PAPER underneath to coordinate with your party colors or theme
and create an endless variety of styles, adding pops of color and fun texture to your display.

Adding a sheet of decorative paper resembling wooden planks 
and a few faux Fall leaves underneath makes a beautiful backdrop for your Fall desserts!

WASHI TAPE is a true friend to The Pastry Pedestal Platforms
as well as The Pastry Pedestal themselves.
Not only does it provide a quick way to spruce up your platform, it can be removed easily and leaves no residue! Yay!!!
There are vast amount of prints available to choose from so the styling options you can achieve are seriously endless!

Display single or stacked cookies by purchasing store-bought cookies with a hole in the center...
Or...simply poke one of The Pastry Pedestal rods through the centers of any soft cookies.

- Made from clear lucite material
- 8.5" x 11" platform - designed to have a standard sheet of paper fit perfectly underneath
- 1/2" thick platform with beautiful buffed edges - perfect for embellishing with ribbon or washi tape.
- 35 pre-drilled holes - designed to allow a variety of display options using The Pastry Pedestals
- Displays up to 12 Pastry Pedestals at one time.
- Manufactured in the U.S.A.

****** Updated November 1st 2013 *****
You may go HERE to purchase the new Platforms!

Do you L.O.V.E. it? Do you want one?

Before you go and push the "Buy Now" button, let me touch on a few important details!!

Due to variances in manufacturing, although some or all of your current Pastry Pedestal rods may fit the new platforms, I cannot guarantee that. But wait - keep reading - there's good news!

To remedy the situation with the rods, there is a NEW rod kit available in which every rod has been hand-tested to ensure a nice fit.

With the pre-sale pricing, I'm including this new rod kit FOR FREE!
When you purchase The Pastry Pedestal Platform at the pre-sale price, you get:
1 -  8.5" x 11" Clear Pastry Pedestal Platform
1 - New Pastry Pedestal Rod Kit - contains 12 rods in 3 varying lengths

The new rod kits are not only guaranteed to fit your platform but the lengths of the rods have also been updated. The original Starter Kits included 12 rods in varying lengths: 6", 7.5" and 9" rods.  The new rods are now available as a set of 12 in 4.5", 6" and 7.5".

New Rod Kits will be available for $5.25 for customers who purchase the platforms after the pre-sale ends.

Projected shipping for the platforms is the week of October 21st. (or sooner)


Those of you who've been following along know this announcement has been a long-time coming.
The hold up has been countless hurdles with manufacturing and back-and-forth design changes. So many hurdles I literally almost gave up on even trying to make it happen. But I just couldn't! There were/are so many of you inquiring and anticipating and I just HAD to find a way to make it happen.

First, the design.  I kept changing my mind on the overall design. My original thought was a flat platform - just like the one you've seen here today. I then decided I wanted it to have sides so you could actually fill it with gum balls or something like that. Brilliant, right? AND then...I started playing around with the idea of offering a couple of different sizes. Still a really great idea.  Well, the cost sky-rocketed when I started making these preliminary changes and I really wanted to keep the price affordable.  So I went back to the basic, flat design after finally just giving in to the fact that if I was ever going to release the platforms I'd have to start with this basic design and then MAYBE, in the future, I could somehow offer the other designs. The stubborn me did NOT want to accept that at first.

In the middle of all of would not BELIEVE the nightmares I've encountered trying to locate a manufacturer here in the United States to make this happen. It seems like it should've been such a simple process, right?

First of all, getting anyone to call you back was crazy! I was so surprised and disappointed there weren't more companies out there excited about the prospect of earning a new customer. Seriously, the customer service was horrible at a lot of the places. I ended up waiting on phone calls, emails and any sort of correspondence for unacceptable amounts of time. It was REALLY discouraging.

Would you believe I shipped samples to a bogus company that ended up not even existing?! (This happened a couple of times)! There was a person who I spoke to on the phone that got me all excited about manufacturing but when I shipped the samples to them the box was "Returned to Sender" because the company didn't physically exist. These foreign companies are posing as U.S. based companies but there is no physical address for them. Crazy, right?  I was shocked. And again...completely discouraged.

I finally started to find a few manufacturers willing to do it - for a pretty penny.
And when I say pretty penny,  I mean pricing I would've had to pay that I wouldn't have even asked YOU to pay as a customer! Yeah! More disappointment.

The biggest obstacle with manufacturing were the rods and making sure they were going to fit into the new platforms. I REALLY wanted current customers to be able to order the new platforms and have the rods from The Pastry Pedestal Starter Kits they've already purchased fit perfectly. No one would guarantee that for me. NO ONE! Until I can pay to have everything created using injection molding, I'm at the mercy of inconsistencies of rod manufacturing. I just about gave up at this point.

It was one bad deal after another until I was able to finally make a final decision on size and design and found a great manufacturer willing to go above and beyond to make this happen. The individual testing of each rod? The manufacturer is taking care of that!! He'll literally be having someone hand-test each rod to ensure a good fit. Do you know how tedious that is? It bumped up the overall price but it's still a good deal considering the cost of lucite material and the customization involved with production. I was elated to move forward with having it manufactured - I hope you are just as elated! *wink*

And there's the story on how The Pastry Pedestal Platforms finally came to life...
and the determined, stubborn girl with dreams and a creative mind that won't shut off.
I don't give up easily - which is what this journey has been all about.
Celebrate with me...won't you?


m said...

I want to buy 3, just like the 3 sets I bought of the pedestals when they first came out. I can't figure out how to do that with Paypal.

Tobins' Tastes said...

Does this set come with the platforms too or do they need to be ordered separately? Thanks! Can't wait to order one!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi m!!! Just email me at and I'll get you taken care of with the 3 platforms. The pre-sales are limited to one per customer (as far as the way they are set up through Paypal right now) but I can take care of your order on my end of things.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Kaylee!! When you Pre-Order the Platform you will automatically be sent the set of updated rods to fit your platform!! Is that what you were asking? Let me know if I was understanding your question correctly.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about this new product! It makes me tremendously HAPPY!!

The Marshmallow Studio said...

Thanks for not giving up! I love love love this and will definitely be ordering one! Hugs :)

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Awe!! Thanks for your sweet comment The Marshmallow Studio!! That means a lot to me coming from you!! Hugs!!

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