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PROMISE ME | Vintage Baking - Texas Sheet Cake

Wednesday, September 4

This is all that's left of the from-scratch, homemade Texas Sheet Cake I made on Labor Day!

Never having made a Texas Sheet Cake before - this recipe did NOT disappoint.
I whipped it up Monday morning to bring to a BBQ some friends invited us too that afternoon.

It's not one of those cakes where you get to lose yourself in the complexity of the process.
It's actually super easy to make and my greatest pleasure came from using my favorite ingredients - which are the highest quality and unfortunately the most expensive.  I picked up the very best chocolate, vanilla, and flour I could find while J was working - because if it would've been left up to would've been generic-brand everything and mama doesn't like baking or even cooking that way).  My mom taught me when I was younger that using the best ingredients makes a difference and it really does! I've had to make a lot of compromises living with someone who, for one, is budget-minded (not one of my strengths) and two, who doesn't truly appreciate the finer things in life - when it comes to ""frou-frou" baking and healthy cooking. He's completely content with cream of chicken soup crockpot meals, homestyle casseroles, a can of spaghettios and cheesecake swirl brownies from a box. And who isn't? But I prefer fresh ingredients, nothing from a can or box and if I could have my own chickens for beautiful farm fresh eggs I would SO do it. The chickens of course, would need to be one or all of the following breeds: Cuckoo Maran, Mottled Cochin or Porcelain since I'm told they lay the prettiest most glamorous eggs - although there's nothing glamorous  or sanitary about having stinky chicken pens in your backyard - but those gorgeous, fresh eggs would be so worth it). Ha!! Anyway...when the budget allows (or when I can sneak it into the cart) I make sure I'm working with only the best.

Although there was some debate at the barbecue over whether it was a "cake" vs. a pan of brownies...
there was no denying this cake was definitely a crowd-pleaser! What's not to love about a moist cake with an incredible chocolate from-scratch cake frosting topped off with some toasted pecans? Is it obvious I'm lobbying for "It's a cake" votes?) *wink*

I managed to make sure I still had a few pieces to bring home with me since the only other picture I had was this one I posted on MY INSTAGRAM FEED as I was getting ready to put it in the oven:

Ella helped me bake it and I was fascinated by the fact that you are supposed to pour on warm frosting immediately after the cake came out of the oven! Trust me...I hesitated...and even started to panic a little thinking the technique seemed so wrong...but it turned out SO right.

I was SO excited to try out this recipe from the Vintage Cakes book I purchased awhile back.
I bought it specifically to help me reach one of my "Promise Me" Goals to try out some Vintage Baking recipes.

Looking forward to sampling the other recipes inside the gorgeous book!
Here are some of the others I'm eyeing right now...
The Pink Cake - thinking I'll do this one for my birthday
Goober Cake - just because it's got peanut butter in it and looks amazing!
Italian Cream Cake - my stepdad is Italian and his birthday is at the end of the month - PERFECT!
Boston Cream Pie-lets - just because they are mini and who doesn't love Boston Cream pie?
Grammy Cake - sounds like it's going to be delicious and I get to use my pretty fluted cake pan.
Old Vermont Burnt Sugar Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting - yes, please! 

If you appreciate vintage recipes and beautiful cakes, you should totally pick up this book.
The gorgeous cover alone is reason enough to have it displayed in your kitchen! *wink*

Promise Me peeps...
How are you doing on your journey?
I've been able to cross off 5 things on my list with 18 more things to finish and only 5 months left to get busy - it's time to get busy!! You know the holidays are going to be crazy so don't let the next few months sneak by and then cram everything in come January! PLAN IT! We can do this. We are worth it!! Get your promises on your calendars. Incorporate your goals into your every day routine if you can. Plan ahead. That's what's going to get you to where you want to be!!

Looking forward to announcing the Monthly Surprise Winner for August!!
Stay tuned!!

J has come a long way with his "palate"...he, himself, admits it quite often.
In turn, I've come a long way with recognizing the importance of a budget! *wink*
So, on's a win-win.


vicki said...

I vote cake! I had a piece or two, lucky me, and it was delicious! The cake vs brownie discussion was crazy funny! I'm so glad we go to some of the same BBQs together! It's always a fun time andvI love our talks!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

It's always a good time just sitting and chatting with you! I need to make more time for things like that! I'm always so rejuvenated afterwards! And thanks for your "cake" vote! Ha!! It was funny. Did you notice it was only the guys that were referring to them as brownies! *giggling* So glad you loved it Vicki!! And even more glad to have been able to spend some time with you and the rest of your wonderful family!!

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