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CRAFT | Fall DIY Pumpkin with Scotch® Duct Tapes

Thursday, September 26

Hi PNPF friends!!

I'm really excited to share with you today a super easy Fall Decorating Idea.

The good folks at 3M invited me to create a Fall craft idea using the Scotch® Colors and Patterns Duct Tape. I went right to work on updating a favorite craft I shared previously that you all fell in love with!!

Remember the DIY Vintage Farmhouse Pumpkin I created from bands of mason jars? Well this project just got easier (and dare I say "weather resistant") when I replaced the vintage paper I originally used to decorate the pumpkin with Scotch® Colors and Patterns Duct Tape. 

I chose to use the "Lace Vegas" pattern for the pumpkin base and then I used the "Pearl White"  to make a couple of pumpkin leaves to finish it off. 

Soooo cute, right?! I'm loving the "Vintage Glam" look of this new version! And there are so many different options of the Scotch® Color and Patterns Duct Tape to choose from, you have the ability to create a variety of pumpkin finishes that will go with your personal decor and holiday festivities.

Check out the step-by-step photos below and reference the written instructions at the bottom of the post to inspire you to make one of your own.

PHOTOS 1 and 2 (Gather Supplies)
Wax Paper (to adhere the duct tape too for easy cutting)
Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape (for the pumpkin as well as decorative leaves)
Scotch® Precision Non-Stick Titanium Scissors (awesome scissors for cutting duct tape and creating leaves)
String (for tying the mason jar bands together - This will not be seen)
Mason Jar Canning Lid Bands (I used 21 half pint bands for this project.)
Hot Glue Gun - to secure pumpkin stem
Cinnamon Sticks (not included in the supplies photo - these will be the stem of your pumpkin - approx. 5-6)

PHOTO 3 (Prep and Cut)
Pull out a sheet of wax paper approximately 12 inches in length.
Start laying down strips (side by side) of the Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape you have selected for your pumpkin. You'll need approximately 7 or less strips of duct tape.
Cut each strip of duct tape into 3-4 smaller strips. (depends on how much of the band you want to cover and if you want any to overlap onto the top of the band).

PHOTOS 4 and 5 (Peel and Stick)
Peel away the strips of Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape from the wax paper and wrap around the mason jar bands using the lips of each band as a guide. Fold and flatten any excess tape onto the flat side of the mason jar band.

PHOTO 6 (Gather and Sort)
Once all of the edges of your mason jar bands have been wrapped in Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape gather them together for stringing. If you happen to have varying patterns on each band like I did, take the time to group the like-bands together so that you can then avoid grouping the same patterns together while you are stringing them - unless you like that look?

PHOTOS 7 and 8 (String and Tie)
Run a string through the centers of each band and then tie the ends tightly together to form a ring; the body of the pumpkin.  For uniformity, make sure the bands are all facing in the same direction as you are stringing them together.

PHOTO 9 (Trim)
Trim the leftover string so that the ends are inside of the pumpkin and can no longer be seen.

PHOTOS 10 and 11 (Add a Stem)
"Spice Up" your pumpkin by adding a group of cinnamon sticks the middle to create a stem.
They should be wide enough to fit snuggly in the "hole" of your pumpkin.
Add a generous amount of hot glue to one end of the cluster of cinnamon sticks.
Immediately insert them into the center of your pumpkin. If necessary, add more glue to secure.

PHOTOS 12, 13 and 14 (Create a Leaf and Secure)
Fold over a 3" piece of the Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape you've chosen to use as a leaf.
Use your Scotch® Titaniam Non-Stick Scissors to cut out a pumpkin leaf from the folded piece of duct tape. Secure the leaf to the pumpkin stem using hot glue.

PHOTO 15 (Get Creative)
Add another leaf using a different Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape for a splash of color.
Or just stick with two of the same color leaves - like I did with the very first photo in this post.

I hope you've been inspired to run out and recreate this fun little project.
Feel free to mix and match the many different Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape to create a fun mix of unique and fun pumpkin patterns.
I would LOVE to see your spin on this favorite Fall craft of mine so PLEASE come back and share your results!!

In the meantime, check out the Scotch® Patterns and Colors Duct Tape selections on Facebook,
Twitter and Pinterest!!


1 comment:

Phyllis Richardson said...

I LOOOOVE this!!! I've been staring at that duct tape every time I go grocery shopping! I can't wait to make this! (Hopefully, you won't mind if I'm completely unoriginal and make the exact same one you did!)

Once again, you're speaking my language! ;-)

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