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STYLING | Cupcake Delights Cupcake Challenge Table

Friday, September 20

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I spent some time over the last couple of weeks knee-deep in preparations for a table I was styling for my favorite Cupcakery around: Cupcake Delights!

Judy, from Cupcake Delights participated in the annual cupcake competition charity event sponsored by Dress for Success of Greater Orlando.

I was lucky enough to be have been asked by Judy to help make her cupcake table presentation pretty.
Despite the not-so-great lighting/photo conditions...
I managed to salvage a few of the photos with intense editing and I wanted to share the turn out with you...(as long as you pinky promise not to grade me on photo quality and look past some of the graininess on some of these images)! *wink*

It was a really cool experience having Jillycakes, (featured twice on The Food Network's Cupcake Wars and Season 6 Winner), on our right and a delightful group of ladies from Serendipity Sweets on on our left.

Overall it was a fun experience and although we didn't win BEST OVERALL and BEST FLAVOR like last year, we still had a great time participating in this event for a good cause!

And, of course,  I think the table design turned out pretty fab too! *wink*

The colors of the table matched the pink and green in the Cupcake Delights logo and I added splashes of gold to compliment the gold sugar sprinkled on the "Feeling Tipsy Caketini" cupcake Judy submitted for the judging part of the cupcake challenge. It was the perfect cupcake to submit since this year's theme for the charity event was "Cupcakes and Cocktails"!

Again, playing off of the theme of "Cupcakes and Cocktails" I used mini glass dessert cups throughout the table because they look like mini martini glasses. You'll see them on the front of the table holding some cupcakes, on the tops of the 2 stacks of cake pedestals, in the front row on The Pastry Pedestal Platforms and then I also used them to support The Pastry Pedestal Platforms by placing 4 underneath each platform so that I could add beading around the edges and have them dangle off! Pretty! Pretty!

I made the fabric banner you see hung on the front of the table and will be sharing the easy DIY next week! I also made the gold sparkle accent picks used on the "Feeling Tipsy Caketini" cupcakes which turned out to be exactly the right touch for these "Tres Leches" center-filled chocolate cupcakes topped with a Tres Leches frosting.

Thanks for the invitation to assist you with your table, Judy!
I loved helping out!!

TWO IMPORTANT THINGS as you are enjoying your weekend...
1. Don't forget to snatch up the brand-new Pastry Pedestal Platforms at the Pre-Sale price!
2. Enter to win the FABULOUS French Macarons book by Mindy Cone! (the winner gets a set of Pretty Party Skewers too!!) Oh yeah!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Since Ella (my 4 year old) was such a big helper with the table preparations leading up to the Cupcake Challenge...

Photo from my Instagram Feed of Ella helping add the Cake Pedestal Ribbon

I thought it would be fun to have J bring her to the event to see what it was all about as well as for her to see how the table came together.

You'd think that being in a large room filled with 10+ cupcake vendors Ella (& any kid for that matter) would've been excited to sample everyone's cupcakes! Right? J and I walked Ella around to the different cupcake tables asking her which ones she'd like to try she kept saying she just wanted to go get Judy's cupcakes. We kept encouraging her to try other people's cupcakes, reassuring her she'd still get to have Judy's cupcakes too. She finally broke down in tears...passionately stating, "Please! don't want anyone else's cupcakes. I really only want Judy's cupcakes!"

I couldn't believe it!? I knew right then and there Ella is a die-hard Cupcake Delights fan...
and who could blame her! Once she's had the best - why would she want anything different? Ha! *wink*

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