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INSPIRE | Racing vs. Pursuing

Tuesday, September 10

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I shared this on my Instagram feed and received a lot of likes and positive feedback about it so I thought it might be important to share here on the blog too...

Don't confuse "passionately pursuing" your dreams with frantically "racing" to make them happen. They are two very different mindsets. Racing requires complete focus on one goal - blocking out distractions, focusing on the weaknesses of "opponents" to help propel you to 1st place and using every bit of energy you've got to cross the finish line first - and by your own merits.

A passionate pursuit means to passionately "follow" and as you follow your dreams you draw inspiration from everything around you as you make your way; listening to your heart and letting it guide you down paths you didn't originally intend on traveling. It's about being curious along your journey, being open, reaching out to others to cheer them on in the pursuit of their own dreams and even taking the opportunity to stop and rest in order to reflect on how far you've come, celebrate the obstacles you've triumphed over, rehydrate, refuel and reevaluate. Passionately pursuing your dreams ultimately leads to reaching those dreams surrounded by the people who were part of your journey all along. See the difference?

I hope you were inspired!

The inspiration behind the "She Said" quotes I've been sharing come
straight from my desire for my daughters and myself to "BE the 'SHE' " I write about.
The quotes are derived from my deep desire to transform all of my weaknesses into strengths.
They are, in a sense, personal daily lunch box notes I write to myself and instead of tucking them into a lunch tote, brown bag or lunch pail, I share them with the world through my blog and Instagram. 

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