Tuesday, March 26

EMPOWER | Self-Intervention

It's time for a SELF-INTERVENTION...

I'm gearing up to start TWO very powerful 30-day challenges next week...
related specifically to properly fueling my body and changing some bad habits I've developed.
And because the two challenges compliment each other...
I'm starting them the same day - Monday, April 1st.

Click the "Read More" button below to find out what I'll be doing...

The first challenge I've already mentioned to you in THIS POST...

This is simply a challenge to incorporate more greens into your daily diet through the consumption of one green smoothie every day, for 30 days.

"Join the FREE 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge beginning April 1, 2013 and drink a daily cup of nutritional goodness packed with leafy greens and delicious fruits. The goal of the challenge is to get you to drink at least one green smoothie a day— it can be a meal replacement, a snack or your dessert. It’s totally up to you!"

The other challenge I mentioned is going to be far more difficult to execute...

I actually discovered Whole30 after a friend posted about it.
I checked out the website...and have been convinced this is what I need to do for my "self-intervention".

The goal of the Whole30 Program?

"Think of it as a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food."

I. Need. This.
I really hesitated to share this (these challenges I'll be doing) for several reasons...
- I don't want to come across extreme - which I tend to be.
- I don't want to feel as though I'm promoting specific eating plans - which definitely seems like what I'm doing.
- I don't want to drag you into the drama of my personal battles - which I clearly have.
- I don't want to bore you with the everyday eating choices I'm making - which I do anyway every time I share recipes and cute desserts with you! Ha!

and lastly...

- I don't want to feel vulnerable - which I am definitely feeling...right. now!

The truth is, I have found myself heading down a dead-end road...
a road of unhealthy choices GREATLY outweighing the healthy choices I sporadically make to counteract the negative.
I see a cliff ahead of me!
It's time to turn around...and I mean NOW!

I have always loved sweets...and carbs...
and I've admitted here on the blog that I would gladly have dessert for every meal.
I joke about it...
and yet here I am...
feeling as though I really HAVE just been eating desserts for every meal lately.

In addition to knowing all too much about sugar/sweets/desserts...
I'm also someone who knows quite a bit more than the average person about eating healthy.
I'm friends with Quinoa, Millet Bread, Almond Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Vegenaise and Kale.
I know all about clean-eating and gluten-free baking.
I've made my share of Green SmoothiesCreamy Potato, Celery Root and Sunchoke Soup with Homemade Purple Potato Chips Apple, Pear and Fennel Salads and I just whipped up my first batch of Cauliflower Rice this week.

I've shopped Whole Foods Market and my local Health Food Store.
I can have intelligent conversations with you about the importance of protein, the rising sensitivities to dairy and wheat, the controversies surrounding high fructose corn syrup and why agave nectar may or may not be a great alternative.

I don't drink soda and I'm well aware of the importance of drinking water. I'm also knowledgeable on how to determine the amount of water you should drink on a daily basis (1/2 your body weight in ounces) and all about how Stevia has a zero glycemic index and is great for adding flavor to all of that water you should be drinking.

I believe strongly in the benefits of a Paleo Diet also referred to as The Caveman Diet or Primal Diet
and I eat my veggies either raw or steamed with no butter or seasonings.

Despite all of that...
I've found myself in a rut.
I continue to make bad choices in spite of all that I know.
I've got the gym membership...and rarely go.
I've got the knowledge...and don't apply it consistently.
I've got new running shoes...and use them for every day use instead.
I've got the bike...but it's been parked for awhile.
So you see...
All I've REALLY got is every excuse in the book.
I continue to sabotage myself.

Something has got to change.

For me...
for my personality...
the change has to be something DRASTIC!

I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl.
I'm not saying that's a good thing...
I'm just putting that out there...
letting you know what I've come to recognize about myself over the years.

To be brutally honest...this is going to be SO painful to admit
Right now...
I'm the heaviest I've EVER been in my life. *cringe*
I have always struggled with negative self body image...
I remember considering myself fat at 103 lbs as a teenager. Ridiculous!

I do not like to discuss weight-loss, exercise regimens, and things I'm personally doing/battling because more than anything...
I've come to realize we. are. all. so. different.
We are all at different stages in our lives...
our bodies require different things...
not everything works for everyone...
and my results aren't necessarily going to be the same as yours.

I'm moving forward with sharing this with you for three very distinct reasons:
- I would feel like I'm keeping secret a HUGE part of my life.
- I know I'm not alone. The thought of keeping this from you would almost feel as if I'm robbing someone else of some potential inspiration to make a change in their own life - no matter what the personal struggle may be.

and frankly...
because of this...

an excerpt from THIS BOOK!

Consider this blog post my public admission of "what I am" right now...
so that I can take the necessary steps to become what I should be! 

I have been in such self-denial for the last six months.
My tight-fitting clothes...
my lack of energy...
have all been screaming at me to look in the mirror and make some changes.
Serious changes.

I'm not talking a 30-day challenge and then I'm done.
I'm talking a couple of 30-day challenges to get me jump-started on making the life-style changes I need to make to get my life back.
Right now, I don't recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror.

I'm SO ready for a change.

This is NOT a weight-loss post.
I'm not posting before and after photos...
I'm not sharing weigh-ins...etc.
I will however let you know how I'm FEELING...and HOW I'M DOING.

IF I feel strongly enough that my results will benefit others...
I will consider sharing pounds lost, inches shed or sizes dropped.

Other than that...
my intentions behind this post are purely selfish!
I NEED to put this out there...
I NEED the accountability...
I NEED to share weakness...
because through the recognition/admission of weakness comes the opportunity for growth...
and growth is inevitably achieved through exercising STRENGTH and pressing forward towards CHANGE!

And I'm ready for CHANGE!!
I'm ready to become that butterfly as it relates to my overall health.
Cocoons are supposed to represent a place of transformation and healing...
I've been using my cocoon to hide behind sugar/food addictions I've been allowing to suppress me...
It's time for change!!
I know I can do this!!
and you'd better believe I'll be referencing this to get me through...

I am NO health professional and I am not suggesting, hinting, encouraging you to do anything I may be doing. Certainly not without first consulting with your physician.

Sharing this with you makes me feel completely pathetic and weak!
I feel SO exposed right now...
But I know you love me anyway!!
Thanks for letting me share.
Your encouragement is very much welcome!! *wink*


Celebrating Moments by Marcie March 26, 2013 at 5:03 PM  

That's AWESOME Jessica!!! My husband and I started Paleo about 6weeks ago.
I did because I have several autoimmune diseases and could not stand feeling like I was walking thru quicksand to get thru each day and not being able to think straight and then there is the constant chronic pain.
I gave up diets years ago... I HATE them! I was an "all things in moderation" girl and was maybe 50-10lbs overweight. Losing wasn't weight wasn't my reason to do it though, as I said I HATE diets! We already ate fairly healthfully... so I thought! Anyway, just want to encourage you! The 1st 2 weeks was HARD!!!! I too LOVE desserts and carbs and I whined ALOT! But we feel soooooooo much better! No debilitating fatigue, major crashes and I hardly feel tired at all now. My thinking & focus has improved too. My pain hasn't yet, but I know it will take awhile for my body to heal.
When you are done your 30 days, I have a few Paleo approved treats I can share with you and would be glad to even shoot them and maybe do a guest post :) FUN!
Anyway, just wanna give you a HIGH FIVE girl, for keeping it real and taking charge of your life!!!!

Phyllis Richardson March 26, 2013 at 6:03 PM  

Awe. I can tell it took a lot of guts to post that. You're gonna do great!! :)

Jessica Kirkland March 26, 2013 at 8:50 PM  

Oh Marcie!! You are the sweetest. Thanks for reaching out and giving me a cyber "High Five". I'm excited to know you started the Paleo journey 6 weeks ago and that you've seen some major improvements. It's definitely hard to do what I love doing (making and photographing sweets) to share on my blog. I don't have a lot of willpower when things I shouldn't eat are right in front of my face! *wink* But I'm excited for this journey. You only get one body to get you through this life - and I believe that if we give our bodies what they really need they will naturally respond in a positive way - giving us what WE really need: focus, energy, health. Thanks for the encouragement! I'll keep you posted!

Jessica Kirkland March 26, 2013 at 8:53 PM  

Hi Phyllis - it did take a lot of guts! I think as women we like to be in control (or seem in control) of everything. But that's not real life. I thought I was "Keeping iT Real" on my blog but then I realized I hadn't shared with anyone a glimpse into one of the biggest parts of "ME"! *wink* Again - I did this with selfish intent - I NEEDED to put it out there so I can "leave it out there" - move forward and grow from this! Hugs!!

Dee May 29, 2013 at 5:50 PM  

Hi Jessica,

It takes a lot of courage to post what you just did. I'm a Paleo dieter myself and have lost a lot of weight on diet and nutrition based on the Paleo diet. But like what your post suggests, becoming healthy is more than just the knowledge of good health, it's actually finding the courage and motivation to do it.

Paleo diet plan is a program I wrote after my friends and I lost a lot of weight using the Paleo diet. But it's more centered around structure, mental state, and attitude.

I would love your feedback.



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