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RECiPE RADAR | Party Popcorn by My Baking Addiction

Monday, March 4

Looking for a quick treat for St. Patty's day?
Need to send something in with your little one for that class party?
Thinking of surprising the office with a festive treat?
Or just want to do a little something special for your sweet family?
Well you are in LUCK!

What I LOVE about this:
– only 3 ingredients
– quick prep time
– adorable outcome
– versatile for all occasions

This is definitely on my RECiPE RADAR!!
Go HERE for the recipe and instructions.

If you haven't checked out Jamie from My Baking Addiction are truly missing out.
She's been my go-to source for recipes since stumbling upon these delicious morsels I made
for the Lemonade and Sunshine Party I hosted for my two older girls.

Any recipe posted on My Baking Addiction I've ever tried has never disappointed...
I encourage you to 
Friend her...
Follow her...
Find her...

Here's all of the My Baking Addiction social media links to feed my your ADDICTION:
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I'll be back this week with the follow up on the RECiPE RADAR post from last week...

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend...

My weekend turned out kind of quirky!?
J and Ella were gone all weekend - a short visit to Illinois with J's family.
I had grand plans for accomplishing all sorts of things while they were gone.
Instead,  I found myself in the middle of things I wasn't planning on;
...purchasing a bed for Ella. unexpected afternoon visit with my mom that turned into a visit to Williams-Sonoma followed by dinner out with her.
...several trips to JoAnn's for things I never planned on purchasing.
...random last minute running around that turned out to be a HUGE time-waster
and quite unproductive.
None of it really made any sense.

However, I did manage to paint my nails with gold confetti!
Which may or may not make any sense either? *wink*

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