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SHARE | April Fool's Day Shenanigans for the Whole Family

Thursday, March 28

Monday is April Fool's Day...
Are you ready for the shenanigans?
Here are some "Harmless and Silly" ideas to try...

Stuff a small part of a marshmallow in one end of the straw to clog it. 
Add it to a beverage you are serving someone and try not to laugh or smile while they're struggling to quench their thirst. 

Add some confetti to the paddles of a ceiling fan and wait for someone to turn it on. Messy but worth it!

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Add googly eyes to random everyday inanimate objects for some laughs: 
drinking glasses, hair products, desk accessories, toothbrushes, etc.

Use double-sided foam stickies to temporarily secure items you know they'll reach for. Surprise!!

One of our family favorites! Use CLEAR tape, (or a rubberband), to tape down the button on the spray nozzle.
Make sure it's aimed directly at the unsuspecting person when they turn on the kitchen faucet. BAM!!

My girls STILL talk about this prank I pulled on them. 
Replace at least 1/2 of the sugar in your favorite cookie recipe with salt. 
Watch their faces when they bite into what they THiNK are delicious cookies.

Announce to the family you are having a Baked Potato bar for dinner.
Watch their faces when you offer up dime-sized potatoes for them to load with their favorite toppings. 
(Present the regular sized potatoes for eating once the laughter has subsided)

Cover up the remote sensor (+ even the sensor on the t.v.) with a small piece of tape. 
The unsuspecting person may go as far as replacing the batteries on the remote before they realize they've been "punked"! *wink*

Stuff the toes of someone's shoes with toilet paper - did their feet grow overnight? *grin*

Add edible googly eyes to anything and everything - great surprise when packing lunches!!

Pick up the phone and call someone to wish them a Happy Birthday.
You are essentially letting them know they are the FOOL everyone is celebrating on this national holiday.
They'll be completely confused and fooled.

I hope you'll try a couple of these harmless and silly pranks out on April Fool's Day!
If you've got some funny favorites you'd like to share - please do!! I'd love to hear them!

The "Happy Birthday Prank" is in honor of my Grandpa! 
He'd call me (and everyone else) on April Fool's Day to wish us a Happy Birthday! He ALWAYS got me too! 
As I got older, (and he got older), his initial phone call would startle me because I would immediately think he was experiencing confusion associated with aging. *blushing*

He'd make the same phone call on Thanksgiving too - saying "Happy Birthday Turkey!"
Man do I miss him!!


Unknown said...

Great list! My husband gets his mom with the tape around the spray nozzle all the time, and finally one year my daughter and I got him with the same trick. He never saw it coming! :) I think I may have to try the tape over the remote sensor. Thanks for the ideas!

KaityLady said...

thanks for the great ideas!
I'm gonna go call my father in law to sing the happy birthday song just for your grandpa! My father in law wouldn't be fooled for a second but would get a kick out of it all the same.

KaityLady said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I'm gonna go call my father in law to sing happy birthday. He wouldn't be fooled for a second but would get a kick out of it nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these fun & harmless pranks. Your grandpa sounded like a fun guy. I'm loving the "Happy Birthday, Turkey" phone call!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you honor your Grandfather. Long may he live!

Alicia said...

I do the water faucet prank every year, and someone falls for it everytime. I'll admit I have even forgot that I did it and got myself! I love the cookies idea, and since I'm the baker of the house, I'm sure my boyfriend will waste no time digging in to my "salt" cookies. Thanks! said...

I read this on family fun year age. make dessert for dinner. cook meat loaf in cup cake pans. make mashed potatoes for icing and put a few carrots shavings on for sprinkles. the kids will come to see cup cakes for dinner. gotch ya! said...

found this on family fun bake meatloaf in cup cake pans . while it's baking make mashed potato icing icing the "cupcakes" with the mashed potatoes and the sprinkles are shredded carrots. call the kids and say dessert for dinner! lol

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