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window shopping wednesday

Wednesday, May 20

i've decided to dub wednesdays as "window shopping wednesdays" here on the blog. these will be things i come across that i'd love to incorporate in my home, or wear or use or entertain with or give as a gift - things that make me happy to look at. things that inspire me. they may not always be practical - but....that's is.

all of these lovelies are compliments of anthropologie

happy wednesday to all - i'm off to fulfill my morning appointment with gilad who gently reminds us: "don't wait for inspiration to come to you. take action. and inspiration will come!"  (of course he completely means that in relation to getting our buns off the couch and exercising...but it's so perfect for every aspect of life - especially the "creative" part. big smooch!  

p.s.  it's "still" raining....

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