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Friday, May 1

thought this colorful image might wake some of you up who may be in need of an afternoon "pick-me-up". just something i was playing around with earlier this week - trying to incorporate the pantone colors for spring.

- been staying up on my photography class this week - hence less time for blogging. 

- clara got asked out by alain (pronounced "uh-lawn") yesterday. proud of her response to a very "peer pressure" situation. (i can't date until i'm 16, i wouldn't want to jeopardize my friendship with emily (who is a friend of clara's & whom has "gone out" with alain previously), and lastly, that she enjoys her friendship with alain). she's so beautiful - inside and out. ugh...i can't believe she's going to be 13. i sure hope she & ema remember the contract i had them sign when they were around 5 or 6 years old - it was called the "no toads" contract. they vowed to save all of their kisses for prince charming and not waste them on the "toads" along the way. (really! i had them do this. i'll have to dig them up).

- up extremely late lastnight with ema as she finished a "cereal box report" on a book called "the monster fish". (it is SUCH an ordeal to get ema's homework completed EVERYday - she is easily distracted and i must say - although she's improving....i am so drained by the time 8 o'clock rolls around every night). not to mention the other "energy sucking sources" living in the house...*big grin* - and you know i mean that with nothing but the utmost sincere amount of love.

- been very good about consistent exercise regimen with gilad this week...*big wink* (been feeling guilty for the chocolate/peanut butter indulgence(s) this that's helped keep me motivated). no one noticed the "plural" connotation...right? *guilty giggle*

- my phone continues to ring with all sorts of weird area codes...i don't answer and i must get at least 10 per day. no messages. it's annoying. 

- taking back the 24-70mm lens tomorrow morning. *sniffle*

- have the crockpot cooking a scrumptious soup for this evening. (remember it's friday - soup night)

- clara and ema will be camping in gainesville this weekend

- ella ate almost 1/4 cup of oatmeal this morning - WOW!

and here is just a collage  of random images from this week - enjoy your weekend - and as marianne williamson said on her podcast this morning:

"claim heaven in your heart and you will see it in your life"....


Angela said...

jess - such sweet photos of your girlies. it's hard to believe clara's at the age where she is discovering boys (and them her). it was only a matter of time. she's lovely. keep her close. *wink*

Shannon said...

Love the "no toads contract"!!! I remember my mom made my first boyfriend sign some kind of crazy silly contract saying he would be nice to me and bring me home on time and let me win all our arguments, etc. It was cute and I am so making a no toads contract for my babies... once I have them lol.
I love that one picture of the three girls! Emma looks like a baby doll!!! :) Too cute!

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