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Monday, May 11

i'm soooo loving these wall art "clings" that i ordered & received from Hof3.

this one is in clara's room above her bed...look at those giant gems!!  

& then this chandelier hangs in ema's room - again, above her bed...but i soooo want to put both chandeliers on my bathroom mirror. (i couldn't be selfish and keep them all to myself though....for now. lucky for me these can be used over and over again).

and then here's my desk with the "lamp" wall makes me love this tiny little space so much more than i did before. is it NOT adorable people?!

i found them to be such a fun decorating element. they are super easy & i ordered them on wednesday and got them on friday. crazy! what i love MOST about them (besides the fact that they totally rock my world) is that they are reuseable/repositionable - which makes perfect sense for me....a person who is always changing things around at the house. and i didn't have to be  paranoid about applying them to the wall perfectly on the very first try - i knew i could remove it and try again if needed. i LOVE them. i ordered all 3 of the "kits"....a lamp, 2 chandeliers & a kit with 4 frames. still need to put the frames up...

and let me just say...don't be fooled by other wall clings out there. THESE are way cute, come with bling already on them and again...can be repositioned just about as many times as you change your mind. (which for us women...we know can be a lot)! *giggle*

sooooo......don't just stand there "oohing and ahhing" over these...go here to getcha some! you. will. love them!  

happy monday people!  xxoox

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