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hold them closer, longer, deeper

Wednesday, May 27

some heartbreaking memorial day news has me wanting to hold each of my children a little closer, for a little longer, all the while breathing them in a little deeper...
clara came home yesterday from school with the sad news of one of her school mates having died on memorial day. (it was a boating accident due to inclement weather and it took the lives of 3 children). clara didn't know the girl personally but the tragedy has effected the entire middle school. there were dedicated silent halls yesterday and everyone has been encouraged to wear the color pink today in honor/remembrance of the 14 year old eighth grader. even ema opted to wear pink to her elementary school today - (click here if you're interested in the full story from one of our local news stations). 

anyway - incidents like this are always a reminder to me to "slow down", "pay more attention", "listen more intently", "re-focus" on the important things in life & seriously breathe in all that my children are.  they are each a gift - & i'm so grateful to have the honor to be a mother to each of them. my heart and prayers go out to the family/friends who are mourning the loss of their children.

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