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oh my knees...and forehead

Thursday, May 28

man...either i am just "really" working out hard or perhaps it's that i'm overextending during knees are achy lately. (it definitely couldn't be because i'm getting older..."stop it!") regardless, my calves have been extremely sore for the past 2 days so i'm taking it as a "good"'s a "good hurt". it's progress. it's a sign of commitment. it's a sign of dedication and perhaps down the road...i'll end up with some "real" results.

on the search for a new hairstyle. (i do this every time i'm about to have my hair done - & then i usually just stick with the "safety" of my usual). but i'm bound and determined to come up with something a little more flattering. do i dare admit what i'm about to admit?  it's just shameful & embarrassing. (but perhaps my friends & family have known all along and have just loved me nonetheless...and i'm just coming to the know - lightbulb moment. kind of like looking at recent pictures of yourself and thinking, "oh my...i don't 'feel' like i look that fat - how could i NOT know?" - you know what i mean).  i just can't help but notice how big my forehead is in all of my pictures. there...i admitted it. i have a big forehead - again...this may be something you have been privy to. it's begging for some sort of inscription - goodness knows it's got plenty of space for it. it's time to step out of the comfort zone and do something about it. i've been scouring sites and i've come across the fact that some celebs have the same issue: (jennifer love-hewitt, naomi campbell, kim bassinger mischa barton - just to name a few).  & okay, so i'm merely stating that to make myself feel better - as if it justifies some how that having a big forehead is actually "ok" because reese witherspoon has one too?)

check out these looks i've found:

not for me...but i just adore this photo from the freepeople site.

love the lighting in this one - 
wow...look at that forehead...

love her. does she have a big forehead? 
she pulls it off pretty good. 
(i think mine is longer - not wider)?

i just love her

  audrey hepburn-look

i'm able to achieve this look just by waking up each morning...
who knew i was so "fendi-fashionable".

ok -must go. ella is calling.

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