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"well it's raining..."

Tuesday, May 19

"well it's raining....and it's pouring"....(lyrics & music from prisilla ahn's "rain"). it's been raining for 2 days straight - a little unusual for sunny florida. i thought it quite appropriate to have one of my fav songs automatically play today - it truly captures the way i feel about rainy days. (as long as it's not more than 2 straight days...*laughing*) 

while you are listening, enjoy this plate full of pretty little things that make me happy... 

i'll be using these point a la ligne candles on clara's upcoming birthday cake... the skinny "les petites folies" & the "bouquet de 4 paquerettes" aka "flowers"
 ...extra special for her upcoming 13th birthday on thursday....don't-cha think?

whispy spray of flowers...always a good thing

all on a beautiful tin plate...a gift from deb

j's mom, deb, has been visiting with us since thursday. i drove her to the airport this morning so i'm sure she's been back in illinois now for several hours.  she left behind several new "goodies" for ella: a new high chair, activity mat, & a couple of new outfits, along with the beautiful tin plate above. she also treated us to a couple of lunches while she was here. i know she enjoyed seeing how big ella has gotten & she even endured the dreaded pediatrician appointment yesterday....ella got her 6 month shots. *ouch!* 

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