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friday...gotta get goin'!!!

Friday, May 29

today. well today is going to be gray.8! (great). i've got a birthday cheesecake to make for clara - (i persuaded her to have us try the cookies and cream version instead of the same swirl cheesecake she asked for last year)! unfortunatley, i will be unable to have a sample...remember, i'm on DAY 7 of my road trip people!  DAY SEVEN!!  (i guess i could attempt to eat around every delish oreo cookie morsel and avoid the chocolate cookie crumble crust?? naw! too much work.) so....with almost 7 days under my belt, i've now got 14 more days to go. i can do this. 
remember yesterday's topic of well, here is something that popped up in my inbox yesterday from it's regarding "perfect bangs" & it was just what i needed to find while on my search to solve my "dilemma" previously mentioned. thinkin' i'm likin....
don't freak out at the length...focus on the bangs.
and i'm posting this because i was amazed at the before and!
Heh.lo. - is that the same person? gotta be ps in there somewhere...
dont' know how these bangs will actually work on my noggin...i've got curly hair - remember?
but i thought the coincidence of my search and the article was pretty spot on and it made me happy. 
finished my morning appointment with gilad & now i must hurry off to get ready for a little grocery store excursion and then it's back to the kitchen for cheesecake making! 
did i tell you we've opted to change up  our friday night "soup night".  since it's summer, salads are the better option.  so....our salad this evening? grilled chicken salad with mango salsa. (i'll let you know how it turns out).  i can tell you one thing...dinner from lastnight? well, the recipe went straight into the garbage. it was a recipe for chicken scallopini and it was the most disgusting meal i believe i have ever prepared. waaaaayyy too many nasties! (the 3/4 lb of butter, heavy cream and bacon just pushed the limits far beyond anything i could ever attempt to recover from). and although it had all of the ingredients for what could prove to be a "flying colors" meal for the kids and j...they weren't all that excited about it either. thankfully. i've been on the search for a chicken scallopini recipe i made a LONG time ago and i cannot find it. it was so much more light and authentic. if you have one you want to share i would LOVE it.
still have teacher gifts to figure out - girls get out june 5th - next friday. i've got to get creative! there are some great ideas from hof3 - i just can't seem to get motivated to "start" on something. i know it will entail getting out my "goodies" which is fun for me. however, i know all too well what happens when i get the goodies out...all of a sudden, i'm lost in a hole i don't want to emerge from - buried beneath pens, paper, glue, adhesives, computer printouts, scissors, ribbons, tulle, glitter, punches, etc.  the rest of the world is going on and i'm sitting there in my own little world - oblivious to everything else around me. i LOVE that. no one else seems to love it so much. *big sigh*  i've got to push through all that and do something. (well, i did make a list of ideas:
inspirational book
stationery/notepads (homemade)
huge chocolate bars (like these from hof3)
handmade cards /envelopes bundled together w/a pretty pen
target gift card
pampering pack (candle, cooling mask, bath beads, relaxing cd & chocolates)
other ideas:
"thank you breakfast" for the administrators/front office @ both schools
bus driver gifts...chocolate & gift card? 
ok - so anyway...gotta get goin' on my day - and on all of these ideas!
happy friday!

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