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happy memorial day....

Monday, May 25

we don't have any "earth-shattering" plans for the day. j works and the girls and i will be driving over to ormond beach...but wait. not for the beach....for an appointment for clara. (darn it). however, the menu for the evening is bbq-style: turkey burgers, german potato-salad & 3 tomato salad. followed by fresh strawberries & a dollop of cool-whip...topped off with, of course, ....a small "american flag-style toothpick" on top! 

i'm grateful, truly grateful, for all of those men and women that serve & protect our country. (both past & present). i'm thinking especially about my grandfather today. he has an incredible story of heroism...both in his service to our country but also in his love & service to his family...especially his wife, my grandmother. both are no longer on this earth - i miss them dearly. i would not be who i am today without their influence. xxooxo

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