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CRAFT | All You Magazine Take This, Make That Craft Challenge

Tuesday, September 3

Hello Friends!!
I almost posted this tutorial on Friday for you to enjoy throughout your long holiday weekend.
But then it occurred to me most of you would be "out" enjoying your weekend with friends and family;
Not stuck inside on the computer or with your face planted in your phone for too much of the holiday.
At least not long enough to dive into the fun, pretty details of this easy DIY I'm sharing with you today!

Fringe Flowers - French Farmhouse Style

I was asked to participate in the monthly segment called "Take this, Make That" Craft Challenge.
All You Magazine selects an ordinary household item and two crafty bloggers each month 
and challenges the bloggers to transform the item into something fabulous!

This month's ordinary household item?
 A Cereal Box

Here were the guidelines:
- It had to cost less than $5
- It had to be simple enough to be finished in 5 steps or less
- It had to be something showcasing the actual print on the cereal box.

So here's what I came up with...
Cereal Box Fringe Flowers

Once I received the magazine and saw the feature...
I about fell over in my chair when I saw the pretty SPRAY PAINTED 
faux metal decorative orbs the other blogger/crafter submitted.
They really did turn out darling - go check them out here!
And make note of how different they look WITHOUT Spray Paint! *wink*

Had I been given permission to cover the cereal box print
THESE French Farmhouse Fringe Flowers would've graced page 15 of All You instead! *wink*
These are flowers that blend beautifully with my home decor....
and they are for SO much more than a bouquet of flowers...

RUSTIC FLOWER GARLAND - for parties or home decor

GIFT PACKAGING - for embellishing bags and boxes

CUPCAKE OR CAKE TOPPERS - attached to a Pretty Party Skewer

Adorable, right?
With so many uses, this craft is worth the few minutes it takes to make a few.
Get your kids involved if you want and check out the full tutorial below!

on the All You Facebook Fan Page.
I'd LOVE your support! 
Look for the "Pick Your Fave" tab at the top of the All You FB Fan Page.
You have to "Like" All You in order to have access to the "Take This, Make That" voting page.

Oatmeal Box (or Cereal Box)
Floral Wire (I used a rustic twine wire for the French Farmhouse Style Flowers)
Glue Gun
Pliers (for bending floral wire)
Spray Paint (optional)


If you love how this turned out, PLEASE VOTE FOR MY PROJECT!

For those of you who picked up your copy of All You Magazine
or have already voted for my project on the All You FB Page...THANK YOU for your excitement and support.

I'm so glad to have been able to share this "updated" look with you.
This version really represents my style and I love the outcome!

Changing out the color of the spray paint as well as the type of floral wire you use
allows you to adapt this project to fit your personal style too!!


Anonymous said...

These are adorable!! I love and this is my next small craft project. Thank you thank you....I don't really want to be anonymous. Thanks again Cheryl

Monica // mon makes things said...

These are so cute and so simple! I'm going to be in the All You challenge in a few months, and I think your flowers are darling. :) How simple, and how clever!!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks for commenting Monica! I'm glad you liked the turnout of these and that you popped by to visit. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your challenge!!

Melissa C said...

LOVE this. So adorable!

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