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Friday, August 23

I think people (including myself) automatically assume once kids go back to school there will be
more time for work-at-home moms to actually get things done.

It doesn't work that way. At least not at first. And at least not for me.
This week has eaten more of my time adjusting to new schedules, taxiing kids around and trying to figure out what routine will actually be the most productive. (for myself and the kids)
What looks good on paper doesn't actually always work in the real world.

At this point....I'm wondering if I'll ever get anything done around here! Ha!

I'm choosing to focus on the few wins I've had this week.
Take for instance finally loading some of the Signature Silhouettes into my shoppe.

Also, I'm happy to say I've also got a couple of new party collections available too!
Take a peek...

I designed this Giraffe themed invitation for one of my very favorite customers!! (Hi Toni!!)

A requested design from a diehard Football Fan family!

Fun in the Sun Party Collection - INVITATION (Customized)
Created at the request of Made by Morgan to coordinate with some cute towels 
and custom party favors she was making for a party...two years ago! Eeps!!

And yes...I know Summer is pretty much over so why bother posting the Fun in the Sun Collection at this point?

First because I couldn't stand to have another year pass without getting this in the shop.
Second, because it's still hot here in Florida so pool parties are still very much welcome.
Third, because I want you to benefit from my procrastination of making this collection available
by having a "Goodbye-Summer" SALE!!

Today through Sunday, enjoy 50% off the entire "Fun In the Sun Collection"...

Fun in the Sun Party Collection - INVITATION (Fill-In)

Fun in the Sun Party Collection - MINI PARTY PACK

Fun in the Sun Party Collection - DESIGNER PAPER PACK

Fun in the Sun Party Collection - PARTY XTRAS - Bundle 1

Fun in the Sun Party Collection - PARTY XTRAS - Bundle 2

I hope you love it.
I know the colors and mix of patterns in this collection totally make me happy!
I hope you're inspired to throw one last "Hoorah" as we get ready to welcome Fall!

If not...scoop up this collection NOW for some crazy savings and then save it for next year!
Or PIN IT for inspiration later!!

Enjoy the 50% OFF today through midnight on Sunday!

Will someone pull me out of this pot of molasses I seem to be swimming in!?
This is what my days feel like lately:
Work, interruption, work, distraction, one more interruption, work, distraction, distraction, distraction.
End of day: everything is 1/2 done or completely UNDONE!
This creative girl with a brain that doesn't stop has a hard time focusing as it is...
interruptions and distractions are not helping me out in the least!! *wink*

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