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Tuesday, August 27

Sharing the latest fun app I've downloaded...

I discovered Flipagram when my friend Aedriel shared it on Instagram last week.
I love the idea of being able to create a quick video using photos from my Camera Roll OR my Instagram feed with the option of adding music from my personal Music Library! Yes!!
When you are done you can share it via Email, Facebook, YouTube OR directly to Instagram.

I shared my first Flipagram video via Instagram last week...want to see it?

I simply picked some of my favorite daily "She Said" inspirational art I've been creating and posting on my Instagram Feed and put the images to music. That's it! It was SO easy!

I've got to work on the timing of the music but hey...I think it turned out pretty cute as my first Flipagram video.

Here's how to do it...
1. Pick the photos you want to use (from Instagram OR your Camera Roll/Photo Library)
2. Rearrange them in the order you want.
3. Add music from your Music Library (optional)
4. Adjust speed (or just pick the automatic 15 second option for loading to Instagram)
5. Add a title (optional)
6. Save to Camera Roll (which automatically saves to your Flipagram Account too)
7. Post to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube or email it to someone!

I look forward to creating more fun videos and sharing them on my Instagram feed.
I hope you'll try it out too!

Here's what I like about the app:
- having the option to use photos from either my camera roll OR Instagram.
- knowing my videos are stored on my Flipagram Account so I can access them ANY time.
- being able to include photos I've already edited.
- knowing I can create a video and SAVE it for POSTING LATER - it doesn't have to be RIGHT THEN!
- the "Instant Preview" feature allows me to see the video before posting to make quick changes.

Things I would change about the app:
- I'd love to be able to pick the start place of the song when adding music.

If you are into the creative photo apps as much as I am...
here are some of the other apps I've shared here:

Hoping you are inspired to try them out!
Tag and follow me on Instagram using @pnpflowers & share your Flipagrams with me!
I'd LOVE to see them!

Some people view photo apps as distractions or time-wasters.
I really look at them as tools that push my creativity.
I DO have to be mindful of my time using them...
I can easily get lost in the creative process! *wink*

1 comment:

G Hamilton said...

Can't wait to try this new app. I have an idea about the music. You may be able to save a shortened version of the song on iTunes and maybe use that version for the app. Great song choice!

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