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CRAFT | Rainbow Dot Mini Wood Spoons

Tuesday, August 6

I'm completely smitten with the wooden utensil trend that has taken over the party styling world.
What's not to love about an item that is eco-friendly...
completely versatile for just about every occasion...
and absolutely screams "get crafty and personalize me!"

I've been itching to do something creative with them, other than using Chalkboard Paint for creating the "plant marker" dessert spoons I created for the party I styled for Martha Stewart, and today I have a crazy simple painting idea to share with you. Something so simple you'll wonder why I even bothered to create a brief tutorial about it. *wink*

Rainbow Dot Mini Wood Spoons

Ever since my friend Kim created a Rainbow Heart party for her daughter Kate...
I'm convinced there has been a resurgence
in the rainbow craze I remember growing up.
Please tell me you've noticed it too! 

Taking direction from this inspiration I set out to create a set of simple rainbow themed painted spoons.
After a couple of different paint pattern techniques, I settled on the most simple one.
A line of polka dots! You really can't get any easier than that.

Simple, right?
Not that you need me to explain the process...
I've got the instructions and materials list below... just. in. case! *wink*

Acrylic Craft Paint in the hues of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Violet)
3 Cotton Swabs (cut in 1/2 - instantly creating 6 cotton swab paint brushes)
Plate or Wax Paper (to use as your paint palette)

Dip your cotton swab in the acrylic paint.
Dab excess on plate (or wax paper)
Press and twist the cotton swab onto the spoon to create a dot.
Repeat with remaining rainbow colors.

Create a wide variety of circles using an assortment of household objects for any small paint project:
Eraser end of pencil
Pen or Marker Cap (will usually result in a hollow circle)
Reverse end of paint brush (one of my favorite tools)
Wood Skewers

I encourage you to get creative and come up with your own rendition of Rainbow Painted Wood Spoons. Here are a couple of the other patterns I played around with before settling on the basic line of dots.

For those of you who are curious...
here's a quick visual of the Chalkboard Paint wood spoons I mentioned earlier...

I just taped them off  to apply the Chalkboard Paint

Instant Plant Marker Spoons for the super adorable interactive "Parfait Potting Station" I designed.
(see all of the details for the parfait potting station RIGHT HERE).

See!! The creative possibilities with wooden utensils are endless.
And the process doesn't have to ridiculously complicated - a little bit of detail goes a long way!!'s the super exciting part of today's post!!
I'll be sharing a really, really cute idea on The TomKat Studio you won't want to miss.
You'll see what I ended up using the Rainbow Dot Wood Spoons for...

I think you're going to love how it all ties together!!
Stay tuned for the announcement for when the a post goes live!!

For those of you wondering about my anticipated paint project over the weekend...
it didn't happen.
My little Ella Scarlet needed my full love and attention.
With no real signs of improvement after a rough weekend, I took her to the doctor yesterday.
Results came back as having 2 small areas of "beginning stages" of pneumonia on her left lung
and an ear infection in her left ear. Doctor says "walking pneumonia is going around in our area?
I'm starting my own round of antibiotics tomorrow since I've still got a cough that just won't go away.
And...I whipped up a batch of homemade cough syrup that seems to be working already - inspired by a friend.  I'll be posting more on that later!


Reebs said...

Lovely tutorial. I love your projects. Hope u both get better soon!!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Reba!! I sincerely appreciate your comment about the tutorial and the projects on my blog.

Another one of my girls caught the cold too but we've all finished our antibiotics and aside from a lingering cough we are all doing so much better! Yay!

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