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Monday, August 19

This is where my heart is today!
Ella started Pre-K.
Ema started High School.
Clara is a Senior.

What a milestone year for each of my beautiful girls!

I'm proud of all of them.
They are SO very different from each other.
And they are also in very different places in their lives.

It's really easy to bundle my two older girls up together...
The three year age gap between them doesn't seem to be such a gap as they get older.
I have to remind myself that Clara has had THREE more years of growing up...
and that my sweet Ema has some catching up to do.
THREE years is a lot of stuff in the middle of this "growing up" business.

Now with Ella...
it's a completely different story.
I find I have to remind myself that even though I've done all of the "firsts" two times before...
with a ten year age gap between her and Ema - 13 years between her and Clara
Ella's "firsts" are just as important.
I really need to be intentional with taking my time to document and photograph her first moments too.

I love them all SO very much.
I'm grateful and blessed - despite the many frustrating moments as a mom.
I really am truly, truly blessed.

If you've sent your kids off to school this year...
I know you get this post...
and I know you get ME.

Thanks for listening today!!

Aside from the typical back-to-school photos we all take at the beginning of each school year, I also encourage you to photograph the fun things (school supplies, accessories, pens, pencils, glasses, etc.) that are playing a part in keeping your kids excited about the start of a new school year. I think it will be fun for them to look back on these things!  I know I wish I had a photo of some of my favorite metal lunch boxes from back in the day! I guess they'd be considered vintage or even collectibles today. Ha!

Although I REALLY had a lot of work to get done today...
including getting this post finished earlier than I did...
Making "Back-to-School" breakfasts...
and baking "Back-to-School" cookies for their return home this afternoon seemed so much more important than anything else today. *wink*


Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Such a big day for you and your girls, Jess! Your post gave me the goosebumps! I love the idea of capturing supplies, too. You're totally right about being able to look back and remember those days. xoxo

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Awww!! I love you Kim! I know you get me with this post! It's a complete "Mom" thing! Ha!! I really DO wish I had a photo of my favorite lunch box from elementary school. And even my favorite shoes. *wink*

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