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THE PASTRY PEDESTAL | Little Star Baby Shower

Wednesday, August 28

I'm minutes away from being able to announce the pre-sales for The Pastry Pedestal Platforms!!
(a base created to hold and display The Pastry Pedestals). 
I'm only waiting on one more email from the manufacturer which will give me the green light.
I will be CELEBRATING when I can finally make that announcement.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a beautiful "Little Star" baby shower dessert table
created by a super sweet customer named Koral!!

Koral reached out to me inquiring about the highly anticipated platforms and after providing her with some of the background information on the reason behind the delay, she was sweet enough to send along the photo above showcasing how she used The Pastry Pedestals!!

First of all, I LOVE the theme!
Second...did you see all of the darling details?

Here's what I love most:
- Neutral grey, yellow and white color scheme. (perfect for boy OR girl baby showers)
- Adorable yellow banner with the white scalloped edging at the top.
- Curly ribbon used for a splash of color on top of the boxes The Pastry Pedestals are displayed in.
- Strips of yellow and grey paper added to the cupcake display boxes wrapped in white paper.
- Onesie cutouts added to the paper medallions.
- The "fanned" display of customized candy bars at the foot of the centerpiece - these double as party favors.

I sincerely appreciate Koral's love for The Pastry Pedestals.
Like so many of you, Koral has been eyeing the platforms for some time now...awaiting the opportunity to purchase them!

Instead of being met by frustration when I explained the delay with manufacturing, Koral's patience and understanding blew me away when she sent this response via email:

Hi Jessica,

Thanks so much for your response!  I, along with many of your other customers, appreciate you taking the time to pay attention to detail and quality to make sure the product you ultimately make available is as fantastic as the Pedestals themselves.  I wish you luck that the manufacturing process works out to your satisfaction.  I always get the best feedback whenever I use your product.  I've attached a picture of a dessert table where I included your "babies." 

I look forward to hearing about the release for the Platforms when they're ready.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product, and congratulations on expanding your line!

 Your loyal customer, 

Needless to say I was so grateful for her kindness and for her genuine excitement about my product!!
Thank you Koral!!

I appreciate so many of you for being here every day and journeying along with me!!
Stay tuned for the announcement for pre-sales for this little pretty...

The Pastry Pedestal Platform

Biting my fingernails in anticipation of the release of the platforms.
You have no idea how hard I've been working behind the scenes to make sure these are affordable.
More on all of those details to come.

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