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Monday, August 26

Good morning sweet friends...
I'm skipping "Recipe Radar" again this week in lieu of some exciting news...

I'm really grateful and excited to have been asked to participate in the "Take This - Make That" Challenge in the September issue of  +All You Magazine!

Remember the popsicle stick table runner I shared some weeks ago that was supposed to have appeared in All You a couple of issues back?  In that post, I explained this new "Take This - Make That" monthly segment features a craft challenge between two bloggers/crafters. The magazine selects an ordinary household item and issues a challenge to create something using the item for under $5 and in less than 5 steps.

The household item for this month's issue was a Cereal Box!
I hope you'll pick up a copy at your local grocery store to find out what I ended up making.
I would love for you to VOTE FOR ME on the All You Facebook Fan Page until September 13th.
Click on the "Pick your Fave" tab to see the "Take This - Make That" Challenge.

Or better yet...create your own fabulous cereal box craft and win yourself a $25 Gift Card to Michaels.
All you need to do is upload your photo to the All You FB Fan Page to enter.

Later this week I'll be posting the full tutorial to support the verbal instructions in the magazine.
I'll also be sharing the numerous ways to use these simple-to-make accents.

True Story...
I was working the concession stand at the High School football game on Friday night.
A woman I've come to know through the years of our kids attending school together was passing by.
She saw me and said, "Hey!! I saw you in All You Magazine! Did you know you were in there?"
I said, "Yes" and she said, "When I saw your picture I immediately recognized you but still wasn't believing it was really you until I read your name!! That's so exciting!! Congratulations!! We have a local celebrity!! I'm going to vote for you and I'm going to tell all of my friends to vote for you too!!"

I was totally beside myself. It made my night!!
If she happens to be reading this, Thank you Ms. Walker! Your support, encouragement and genuine excitement mean the world to me!"

I feel the same way about all of you too!
Thanks for being here with me everyday!!

I'm a little bummed about one aspect of the challenge.
I was told the printed side of the cereal box should NOT be covered or hidden so readers would be able to recognize it was from a cereal box.
I see the other crafter finished hers off with spray paint. *sigh*

Oh well. *frowny face*
I just feel like the end result was NOT a good representation of ME.
In fact, two women who voted for the other crafter left comments about how the other craft was more "classy". Ugh!!
Reading that felt like I'd been stabbed with scissors through my crafty little heart. *wink*
They may as well have said, "The craft by Pen N' Paperflowers is tacky".
I. Don't. Do. Tacky. *sniffle sniffle*

Regardless...I am really happy to have been able to participate!!
The editor I worked with at All You was great and the overall experience was such a positive one.
I'm elated to have been featured and after my experience with Ms. Walker the other night (see above) and the love and support from family, friends and you all here via emails,
I feel a tiny bit like a celebrity! Ha!! *wink*

Besides that, I get to "redeem" myself with the tutorial I'll be posting this week.
I'm excited to show you what I would've done had I been given permission to cover the cereal box print
and you'll also to get to see first hand some different, super cute ways to use the "fringe flowers".


testing 1 said...

Yeah! Can't wait to check it out!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Yay!! Thanks for your support Dawn!!

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