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CRAFT | Popsicle Stick Table Runner

Tuesday, August 13

Let's talk wooden popsicle sticks today...
in the form of a DIY Table Runner!!
Yep! The adorable wooden table runner you see here is a simple craft project 
taking less than 30 minutes to put together.

I was approached by one of the editorial directors of All You Magazine.
They were looking for crafty bloggers to participate in a new feature called 
"Take this, make that" in which two crafters would have to take an ordinary household item
and turn it into something useful and fabulous!!
I was given popsicle sticks and was asked to make a home decor item 
for under $5 - in less than 5 steps!

The step-by-step photos and instructions below will have you
enjoying your own table runner in no time!!

So simple, right?
Have you been inspired to make one too?
Here's what you'll need...

Wooden Popsicle Sticks (approx. 150)
Elmer's Glue-All
7/8 wide ribbon of choice (3 strips of equal lengths)
Wood Stain (optional)

1. Measure the location you'll be displaying the runner to determine the length you'll need it to be. Cut 3 strips of ribbon in equal lengths - 1 or 2 inches longer than the length you determined.  Lay out the 3 strips of ribbon horizontally, parallel to one another.  Leave approximately 3 inches of  space between each strip.
2. Working from one end of the group of ribbon strips, create a starting point on your ribbons by laying 2 popsicle sticks vertically across all 3 strips of ribbon. (see photos above). The two popsicle sticks should meet head-to-head on the middle strip of ribbon and should come in 1 inch from the end point of the pieces of ribbon you are starting from.
3. Adjust the top and bottom ribbon strips resting underneath the two popsicle sticks by sliding the ribbons towards the middle ribbon strip. You want popsicle sticks to hang over the top and bottom ribbon strips to prevent the ribbon from being seen once the runner is completed.
4. Add glue to each strip of ribbon, secure your two starting point popsicle sticks leaving a small gap between each stick and then continue adding popsicle sticks in the same pattern to cover the length of your ribbon. Continue to adjust ribbons strips as you go to keep them in a straight line.
5. Allow to dry overnight.
6. Trim any extra ribbon off the ends of the runner or simply fold them underneath and secure with a small amount of glue.

Optional: Add a little more dimension to your new runner by applying a tee-tiny bit of wood stain to the popsicle sticks. Following the manufacturer's safety guidelines, simply dip a small corner of a soft cloth into your wood stain and rub it gently onto your popsicle sticks.  Re-dip as needed but remember, a little goes a long way.

1. Go through your popsicle sticks and pull out any warped, cracked or compromised ones before starting on your project.
2. Don't use an excessive amount of glue like I did...a little goes a long way.
3. Choose a light ribbon so that it blends with the popsicle sticks and is less likely to be seen underneath once the project is finished and on display.
4. Make sure your work surface is something that won't be ruined by glue or the potential task of peeling the dried project from the surface. (this is dependent on how sloppy you get when crafting and how much glue you end up using). Ha! *wink*

You will LOVE this. When the runner isn't being used, it can be rolled-up for easy storage. If you used a lot of glue like I did, the initial rolling may be a little stiff. Just "crack" the areas that don't bend easily while you're rolling it up and then you'll be good to go!

It's simple to make, easy to store and it's customizable. Not only can you create runners  (OR placemats)  in custom lengths to fit your kitchen island, dining table or even your coffee table, you can also adapt it to match any decorating style by adding a little stain, paint or decoupage. Roll it up for easy storage.

Don't you think this would make a great accent for a Rustic Dessert Table!?
I'm also thinking of trying out this same concept using craft sticks.

I worked with the Editorial Directors of All You Magazine to complete this project back in March.
With it being a new article feature there were some bugs to work out with logistics and photography and this project ended up getting nixed. BUMMER!

However, all was not lost.
I was presented with another craft challenge which will be published in an upcoming issue!
More details to come!!

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