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Friday, February 1

We kicked off the Promise Me 2013 earlier today...
now it's time to get ready for Game Day Kickoff!!

With only a day or two left for Super Bowl Sunday party preps...
how about creating a super easy Game Day Banner...

Referee/Penalty Flag Party Banner

– Black and White Striped Favor Bags - referee shirts
– Yellow Napkins - penalty flags
– Referee Whistle
– String or ribbon for displaying
– Tacks or tape for hanging/securing
– Mini Clothespins - for attaching flags and shirts to string

Simply pick a spot you want to display the banner.
Secure the string/ribbon in the fashion you prefer.
Attach the "referee shirts" and "penalty flags" using mini clothespins.
Create a focal point by adding a referee whistle to the middle shirt.

Party Favor Banner :: Tuck party favors in the bags to give guests as they leave.
Make it a Game :: Turn the banner into a game.  Attach a Referee Call (see suggestions below) to each Referee Shirt. 
When a call is made during the game...first person to open the corresponding Referee Shirt gets the hidden prize tucked inside. Or you can open the bag to reveal a surprise party task for one or all guests to do. 

Referee Call Suggestions:
Face Mask, Delay of Game, Illegal Contact, Holding, Intentional Grounding, False Start, Illegal Celebration, etc.

Don't have the cute black and white bags to create a banner?
1. Print out your own black and white striped paper and trim to size.
2. Create a "penalty flag only" banner - nothin' but yellow napkins! *wink*

And if you REALLY want to have some fun...
how about picking up some of these to hand out as guests arrive...


Here's to a great weekend...
and a fabulous Game Day for us all.

Black and White Favor Bags - The TomKat Studio Party Shop
Yellow Napkins - local party store
Whistle - WalMart - camping section - you'll pay double in the Sporting Section.
Mini Clothespins - WalMart - office section
Eye Black Stickers - WalMart - sporting section

We aren't having a Super Bowl party...
but you better believe I'll be handing out the Eye Black Stickers for my little family to wear here at the house.
I'll be keeping the leftover stickers for us to wear for our Operation Phantom Pumpkin in the Fall! *wink*

Oh! Funny Story.
When I originally created the just didn't look right.
I kept looking at it and couldn't figure out what it was.
it dawned on me!
I had originally hung the bags upright - with the stripes running horizontally.
Horizontal Black and White Stripes = Prison Uniform.

1 comment:

jamie@glitzeeglee said...

I love the little stick on black lines for everyone to wear at a super bowl party. That's a fun idea!

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