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where did summer go?

Friday, August 20

where did summer go?


aside from the treacherous heat...
all that remains of summer are the memories.
i'm always torn as a new school year approaches.
i appreciate the lazy days of summer and the extra time with the kids.
at the same time,
i miss the structure.
with that said -
and with this being the last weekend before the start of school...
i hope to sip on one more glass of lemonade...
squeeze in some time to make that key lime pie...
& spend some good quality time with the kids!
i sincerely hope you enjoy yours as well!!

of course before i can do any of that...
we've got one more open house to attend this morning...
as well as finalize school supply shopping.
regardless - i'm determined not to be bound by "deadlines" this weekend.


Unknown said...

That glass of lemonade is making my mouth water! Ugh I want summer to last forever!

Roberta said...

Hey Jess! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and find some time to enjoy that scrumptous looking pink lemonaide ;) I'm hanging on to summer as well and we've had so much rain this week and my hammock surely misses I have a book I'd like to finish reading and my hammock is the best place for me to go without any distractions...oh yeah!

Moore Minutes said...

I just have to tell you...EVERY photo you post is them! :D

And I could have asked the same question...this summer flew past!

Renee said...

Oh, wow, Jess, the summer sure did fly by fast. 'Wishing you and your family a great school year!!

'Love the lemonade. I am thirsty!



Unknown said...

mmm, pink lemonade! We are still in the "dog days of summer" here in Arizona. So even though the kids are back in school, it doesn't feel like summer is gone yet.

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