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{thirsty thursday} a TOAST to italy

Thursday, August 12

defined as a day to share something...ANYTHING... that makes my mouth water...
quenches my creative tastebuds...or satisfies my thirst for inspiration.

i'm SUCH a visual person.
i crave looking at beautiful things...

it's no wonder one of my dreams is to go to italy one day.
i imagine it will be all of those things i just mentioned...
mixed into one amazing place.
the history intrigues me.

i came across this amazing short film from TOAST.
TOAST is a company with retail stores throughout the UK.
i found their products reflect an anthropologie meets j.crew vibe?!
this short film is actually a photoshoot for the launch of their Fall 2010 catalog.

i share this with you because the filming took place in venice & the south tyrol.
needless to say i found myself lost in the imagery and music.
perhaps you will get lost too...

and if that wasn't enough visual inspiration...
let's get lost together in the beautiful landscaping of south tyrol.

amazing, right?

i'm not sure if this "thirsty thursday" post on italy "quenched" my thirst
or has left me parched!?
perhaps that was the purpose?

since i had NO clue what South Tyrol was...
my research on it led me to the 2nd video I shared.
I'm SO glad to have found it.

Are you keeping up with the 543 challenge?
You won't believe what I had to do on Day 3...go read the recap! *wink*

1 comment:

Roberta said...

Hey Jess...just love the Toast clever are they! makes me want Italy and most of Europe are in my dreams as well...want to take DH and travel the world once again. I guess it's the gypsy in me from all that traveling when I was younger...someday soon ;) I'm laughing after reading your 543 posts, especially day 2 and you eating all that before bed...oh my! I'm emailing you a wonderful shake with vegies and's yummy ;) Take care and have a wonderful day, fondly, Roberta

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