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Tuesday, August 10


with blueberries in abundance right now,
i was inspired to bake some blueberry muffins.
for those of you following along on my journey through the babycakes cookbook...
you'll be happy to know i've created a "page" specifically for documenting the recipes as i sample them.
so go try out the page.
click on the BABYCAKES link at the top of my blog header to find out how the muffins turned out.

in other news...
i've had SO many fun things going on in my little creative world.
because i'm always sharing things on my fb fan page...
i sometimes neglect to share those things here. (shame on me).

so here are some things i'm REALLY excited about right's a LONG list
• i just received this pan in the mail...can't WAIT to try it out!
• i ordered this book and i'm waiting for it to arrive...thanks Kim for the recommendation!
• i recently joined the martha stewart's dreamers into doers and one of my photos was featured on sunday
• i'll be featured in an upcoming publication of "Artful Blogging" - that's the article I mentioned I was writing.
• i designed the most adorable silhouette for kate lander's events, llc - go check it out!
• collaborating with the TomKat Studio & Kate Lander's Events, LLC on a secret project...
• i'm working with My Baking Addiction - my favorite baking site - on some design projects
• i'll be doing a guest blogging post for Carrie over at Half Baked - the Cake Blog
• i'll be interviewing TWO very talented people and will be sharing those interviews with you right. here!
• i'm excited to share some new product ideas - photos coming soon.
• LOVED working with Lindsey from Bella Grace Party Designs on some cute little gecko designs for her daughter's upcoming birthday
• i've been approached by a website dedicated to all things baby shower, wanting to feature some of the parties i've hosted. - it will be launched late summer/early fall.
• working on a completely FUN baby shower coming up in november...the theme is absolutely adorable!
• getting ready to post a back-to-school FREEBIE inspired by a reader request...(thanks Athienna!)
• going full speed ahead on my newest personal challenge: 543
• recent features on Craft Gossip and Catch My Party...
• finalized the custom harvest table we are having made for the dining area! CAN'T WAIT!

super busy...but with a lot of exciting things!
what's got YOU excited these days?

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


Roberta said...

WOW Jess so many GREAT things ;) How did the Artful Blogging publication come about? Did you send in a request or did they approach you? I've loved that publication from the beginning and it is what helped me start my blog. Someday I'd like to be featured...a girl can dream...right! Also, if you are interested, I have a blueberry cornbread muffin recipe that is a family favorite and can be adapted for gluten free...hope this helps!

I'm off to work on my journal for my 21-Day Challenge. Good luck on your Day 2! btw...what kind of juicer to you have? I've looked at them but wasn't sure about the investment. Thanks Jess and have a wonderful day, fondly, Roberta

jackie fo said...

You have tons to be excited about! I personally am excited about just furthering my business and some of the opportunities that have come my way. :)

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