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{clever} edible crayons

Tuesday, August 3

i'm gearing up for back-to-school
and i'm flipping out over these edible crayons!!

at first i thought these were taffy pieces...
pretzel rods + candy melts = SUPER EASY & SUPER ADORABLE!!
but wait...
you can get the FREE printable labels!
make a whole bunch of them and insert into a plastic pencil box for presentation or gift-giving.

i'm thinking:
back-to-school parties
teacher gifts
crayon themed birthday party

for the full post & details go to Gourmet Mom On-the-Go!
and thanks Simply Creative Insanity for the link in your "Back-to-School" Freebies!
(She's even included the adorable Teacher Thank You cards from my friend Kim!!)

KEEPING IT REAL do I adapt these to accomodate my older girls who are both out of grade school?
Let's face it - they won't think it's the least bit cool to bring a teacher a gift in the first place, let alone show up to school with edible crayons. *wink*
Oh the things Ella has to look forward to when she starts school in a few years. (or is it really just ME that's looking forward to being able to do things like this again)?! Yeah. It's me.


Louley's Belles said...

I love this Edible Crayons idea! I teach pre-k and we use simple recipes to teach reading, math, sequencing etc. This is so cute for our back to school unit! Thanks for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

I love these! Thanks for reminding me about them. I wanted to make them last year and got so busy. I hope to make time for it this year. So cute. :)

Unknown said...

So glad you love them as much as I do. I can't wait to try them and my head is already spinning with alternative ideas...i LOVE being inspired!!

Moore Minutes said...

really?!! Wow, so adorable! What a smart idea. Too cute.

Mark & Bre Kirkland said...

ok jess.... hope you are your blog!!! I am in need of your help...throwing a huge baby shower for my bff she is having a boy... i want ideas and you to make the cards... send me pricing etc. my theme i was thinking about was.. she is gonna "POP"...make wraps for soda bottles..pop rocks, lollipops gourmet popcorn...popcorn chicken pop as in the comic book font"pop".. anyways.. would love your feedback and help!! xoxo bre email thx jess ps love the new house!!!!

Lindy said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog - that way I was able to find yours! I love the "colors" and have passed this idea (and your blog) on to my teacher friends...

Lora Joy said...

This is GREAT!!! thanks! My son is starting Kindergarden at the end of this month! this is perfect!

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