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{our family} refreshed...

Monday, August 16


i feel refreshed!
we are back from our weekend of fun!
we are all sun-kissed...
"lazy-rivered" out...
water logged...
and feeling good to be home.

i'm also happy to report i crossed off goal #1 on my list!
it proved to be more challenging than i expected.
we were originally going to be staying at the Marriot Orlando World Center.
i'm quite familiar with the water slide there.
therefore, i knew EXACTLY what to expect when i wrote down my water slide goal;
wide slide, full sun, not too many twists.
however, a last minute "switcheroo" found us staying at the Omni Resort instead.
they had a corkscrew slide.
i'll have you know i don't like enclosed spaces...
especially DARK dark you can't see a thing.
add getting blasted in the face and head with water...
just before you slip into the black abyss!
not necessarily the most comfortable combination for me. *wink*
i reached my goal.
and i surprised my girls by going twice!

i'm ready to face a new week!
it's the last week before school starts so it should be quite productive...
finishing up school clothes shopping, open houses/orientations, etc.

i hope everyone else had a super nice weekend!
here's to a great week for all of us!!

all of us slept HORRIBLY saturday evening.
ella woke up at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30 & 5:30.
the beds weren't all that comfy and the room was FREEZING.
i ended up pulling ella into bed with us which only sealed my fate of absolutely NO sleep.
And even though we were all a bit "short-fused" Sunday morning - we managed to enjoy our last day together! *wink*
now THAT'S what i call "keeping it real" on a weekend family vacation...*big grin*


Kori Clark said...

I love the keeping it real!! That's life with little ones! So glad you had a refreshing vacation before school starts back!

Unknown said...

OH I am with you on the tight closed spaces - I think that is my biggest fear/phobia ... getting stuck in a small tunnel. Congrats to you for overcoming!!!

Sadly, vacations do sometimes create sleep deprivation but it still sounded way fun! Good luck with the back to school stuff. :)

Just this... Alice said...

Sp glad you're feeling refreshed after your vacation. Those tight spaces still give me a bit of a problem. Hope all goes well with the school preperations.

Josh Healy said...

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Anonymous said...

Vacations have a way of doing that sometimes! I am so glad that you all had fun, Jess!

Best of luck with school. I am sure the girls will do great!

Take care and Hugs,


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