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walking the plank...

Tuesday, June 30

i love holidays. i love them because of the traditions associated with them. i love them because of the "getting together" with friends/family. and i especially love them because they are "themed". yes...sadly and selfishly in a sense, i love holidays for the mere fact that i can be inspired to get creative because there's a focus...a "theme".  give me a theme and i'll run with it. and if there's not a theme, i'll make one up and then happily dash away with it. (sometimes with such excitement and exuberance that i find myself floating in a sea of creativity - because i've gone off the deep know...blindly walked the plank. but i'm happy floating's the other people in the water that can sometimes be choked by all the debris surrounding them). wow. where did that come from?  i like it. "walking the plank into the sea of creativity"...very catchy. i can see a t-shirt and lots of print work with that plastered all over the place. it's a keeper.

so...with that said...4th of july weekend is fast approaching. there are bbq's to attend to, fireworks to be mesmerized by and....there are lots of fun 4th ideas circulating around my brain. check out the houseof3 blog for some super fun & super easy ideas. i'm sooo going to do a couple of those. happy creating...& grab a floaty & some goggles...come on...dive in with me.

*how did i manage to find a "walk the plank" image associated with food/chocolate? craziness.

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