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it's a "full...full summer"

Saturday, June 27

love this song by bananarama - i remembered it when i came up with the title of my post today...obviously replacing "cruel summer" with "full summer"...and i just had to add it to my playlist for all of us to enjoy - together.
there's nooooo sleeping-in over the summer in this house! too much to do. too much to get done. it's been full of "busy"...lots of busy-ness:
girl's camp for clara
dentist appts
vehicle repair "waits"
ortho scheduling (uh - oh)
oral surgeon scheduling (ouch)
girls working to earn $ for upcoming trip to nauvoo, palmyra & missouri w/g&g kirkland
swim team for em
side work for mom & rick 
catch-up with old friends (shannon & diane) & looking forward to catching up with natalie - whom i ran into @ the grocery store...
lots of driving around
and did i mention lots of driving around?
i'm okay with it. keeps my brain functioning at a level i find stimulating. (probably too much for some people). the only thing i wish for is more time to do what "i" want to do. "create".  i did make this adorable father's day card for j...
materials used: crate paper, heidi's edge distresser & little miss ella's hand. simple. the colors of the paper are much more "muted" than what the scan shows. i was just too lazy to make any adjustments. (listen people...i have determined that i've been going on 4 hours of sleep every night - on average - for the past 7 months...and then little miss ella decided to make things crazy last night and have me feed her three times...along with getting up an additional 2 times because of her stirring around. how am i functioning? i have not a clue!)
moving on with all things creative....
and then i also sent away for two shutterfly 4x4 albums. one for j & one for grandpa schnapp - both for father's day. didn't do any "fancy schmancy" stuff to the albums because i'm all too familiar with "men"-tality in relation to creative/crafty goods. it's not understood and therefore cannot truly be appreciated. (if you know what i mean). i just filled up each 4x4 page with full-size pics. & then i paid extra for the leather "wallet-type" thing to make them feel more "manly" vs. carrying around a canvas covered mini-album. simple. 
i usually never post on saturdays but i'm squeezing in a quick "hello" before we get going on our day. it's another "driving around" day - errands to run. hope you all have had a wonderful week. i'll leave you with some of things i'm coveting right now:
and this wall hanging - a collection of plates bolted super fun. the picture doesn't do it justice for what it's like in "real life" - 
good saturday to you all! xxooxxo

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