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back on track

Friday, June 19

that's right...i'm "back on track".  and this actually applies to a whole host of things in my life. let's go down the list:

ella - she's back on track for normal naps and only getting up "once" each night now. for about a week she was suddenly getting up twice a night...grrrr....    and surprise! surprise! i heard her talking this morning and went to get her out of her crib and little miss fancy pants had rolled herself over from her back to her stomach and was completely content at trying to figure out how to get from one end of the crib to the other. (that was a first - not the rolling but rather the fact that she had mustered up a "rollover" in the crib, first thing upon waking). 

kitchen - i was living out of ice coolers for 4 days while awaiting a new fridge. for some reason, our original fridge suddenly stopped freezing/cooling any items located in the upper portion of the unit. long story short and two fridge deliveries later i am happy to announce i am officially "back-on-track" with a fully functioning kitchen. (i was surprised at how "unmotivated" i became for dinner-making when i was having to store food in multiple was just so "inconvenient").  the new fridge? well, it's something different than i've ever used & i'm loving it.

eating - remember my "no corn, wheat or sugar for 21 days"? well i was doing soooo awesome. seriously. and then stress kicked in this week & i completely bombed for the past 3 days. ugh! but alas, my friends. i'm so motivated by the results i started to see within such a short amount of time - i'm back on track. as of this moment. today. june 19th! you heard me!  i won't tell you how much i weigh, but i'll be more than glad to tell you the # of pounds i shed at the end of my little stint of deprivation. and actually - i must say i'm not necessarily doing this for "weight loss". (although it's a wonderful side benefit). it's more of a "cleanse" because this will actually help to curb my "carb cravings" that i tend to get in a rut over.  it's all about feeling good physically, which in turn spills over into feeling good mentally and thus emotional feel-good follows right behind.  they are all linked to one another you know...  

soooo....i'm starting the weekend off right. i'm checking in with all of you. i'm ready for father's day festivities including cookie-baking for grandpa angelotti as well as a father's day brkfst & dinner and i'm full-focused on achieving my healthy eating goals for the next 21 days. (new target date set for....drumroll....july 10th). oh!! one more thing. i got my haircut on wednesday. i got some shorter bangs (remember the forehead thing) and went a little more blonde - otherwise - still the "same ole". (and guess what my hair stylist told me regarding big foreheads...he said, "didn't you know? having a big forehead is the sign of true beauty."  & folks, that's what i pay robie the "big bucks" ya robie! *wink* 

have a wonderful weekend and make sure you shower the men in your life with lots of father's day love and appreciation!  here's a favorite picture of mine of j & ella...such a sweet image depicting a "father's love"...don't you think?

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