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clara's 13th b/day pics (part II)

Tuesday, June 2

and so here are some more pics from clara's 13th b/day celebration.
the day started off with a pedicure for clara and then us going to garden gate tea room for lunch. (garden gate is something i've been doing with both of the girls on their birthday every year. it's just me and the birthday girl that get to attend - so it's nice having that one-on-one lunch together). the pedicure is something new i started this year. i figure they are old enough and now have something extra "girly" to look forward to. garden gate is such a quaint little tea room. we always order the "rosemary herb crusted chicken pie" - totally delish - the best i've ever eaten. (i want to recreate this recipe soooo badly). but anyway, all of their dishes are scrumptious. the tea room is an old house that's been turned into a tea room and i just adore old houses anyway. the decor consists of lots of creamy whites, hardwood floors, shabby chic feel, floral patterns throughout and the waitresses/servers are always dressed in some sort of long flowing skirt in a neutral palette. they've got soft music playing in the background and it's such the girly place to eat. (they even have hats you can wear for fun - if you choose).

anyway - after lunch, i picked up clara's friend, emily and then we picked up cousin kalie. both were invited to come along for clara's "makeover". i feel like clara is at the age where we can start to incorporate makeup of some sort so i sought out the "professionals" so clara could hear it from someone other than her mom. the initial place we went - "ulta" - was not that great of an experience. first of all, we ended up waiting about 45 min before the girl ever showed up to do the makeover (which the waiting turned out to be okay because the girls got to "play" in the store...hence the photo collage below...

and THEN - even after expressing our desire to keep things natural for clara, the ulta chick applied makeup on clara EXACTLY like what the girl, herself, was wearing. so....once the girl finished and walked away for a minute, we gently "skipped town" and walked through the mall straight to the clinique counter. (i was hoping they'd remedy the situation and thankfully...they did)....see below:

enjoy the pics - enjoy your tuesday.
lots going on this week - school parties, teacher gifts, etc.

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