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a little bummed & psyched...

Monday, June 29

a little bummed that i missed out on elizabeth kartchner's shades of summer "extravaganza"...rats.

it sounds like such a fun thing to do. should i start my own? thinking.....

but i'm psyched about jessica sprague's upcoming FREE photoshop tutorial thingy!
you should sign up!

and i'm also pumped from rhonna's earlier post about rules for getting out of a "creative rut". i love her sooo much - feels like we are sisters. (apparently she's one of those spirits that makes everyone feel that way).  i MUST carve out some time for me and just DO - do the things that make me happy. despite the path of disarray it may leave behind. i want to play with one of those yudu things like you wouldn't believe. the creative possibilities are endless. 

n. e.  hoots...must get going...gotta squeeze in something "creative" about you?  super happy monday to you all.

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